Friday, August 19, 2005

Car Trouble and TV Trays

So, you remember the time that we were moving and I went out that morning to start the car, and it had died?

Well let me refresh your memory...

DJ and I bought a new car back in February. A Blazer actually. Made by Chevrolet. He was going to sell his 1999 Cavalier and we would be a one car family. Well the alternator went out in it, so he failed to sell it. So when we decided to move into the suburbs, we were going to have to have two automobiles, so he went and bought a new alternator and he and his Uncle Redneck, put a new alternator in. All set, ready to go, let's move.

Well the morning of our move I went out to start the Cavalier and it refused to start. So, back to the drawing board. It actually took us two weeks, three different alternators until Mamma D, finally gave DJ the advise to take it to a mechanic and have the repairs done. Fast forward two days, and the car was ready. Fixed and set to go. I went to the shop to pick it up, and within four minutes of driving, the engine light came back on...the next morning no start. Dead again.

The mechanic paid to have the car towed back to their shop (he had better have paid for it!) and by the end of the day everything was taken care of. New fuses were added, a new alternator, and belts, and $238.00 poorer, we had 2 cars again.

So yesterday DJ had to get the "E Check". For those of you not aware of what that is, it's the governments way of pulling more money out of you for driving a car, that is unsafe to the enviorment. They check for proper use of gas and oil and if it doesn't pass their test, then you are unable to have it licensed. I think it is discriminatory against the lwer income driver, who can not afford a new car. But that is another blog entry for another day.

When he went out yesterday to do this stupid test, guess what? The engine light was on. That is an immediate FAILURE. (Of course unless your brother works at the E Check garage and will pass it for you. Which neither of us do). So back to GOODYEAR, he went.

This time it was the fan motor, belt and casing (what ever the hell a casing is). Another $385.00 for parts and labor. Not to mention the $24.00 for the E test, and $48 for the new license.

Now because of these added, unexpected expenses we can not purchase the dining room ensemble that I wanted to get this weekend.

It is reprehensible that I have lived in my new place now for over two weeks, without a dining room table or chairs...

Come on, where are my priorities? Using TV trays for dinner is vogue isn't it? Please tell me it is, because it looks as though that is going to be the way it is around here for a few more weeks.

The house-warming is set for September 4th, I HAVE to have them by then.

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