Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hey Jude

It looks as though Jude Law was letting things all hang out recently while vacationing with his kids. Thank JOEY for the link and pictures, you are a doll!!

Maybe this little stunt was just a papparazzi shot, this could have been staged. It seems according to Yahoo news that Mr. Law has the best rear-end in movies according to the Brits...

"The actor's unplanned nude scene came just days after he was determined to have the sexiest rear end in show biz, according to a poll of 1,000 British moviegoers, who voted for Law based on his bath scene in The Talented Mr. Ripley. "

Regardless of why, or how, we say thank you Jude. You haven't let us down...

Speaking of showing yourself. I had an experience today that I haven't had. Yeah go figure, at 45 and not experienced everything. Anyway, I work in the service industry, in a part of town that you do not see too many good looking people, especially men. Those that do come in have teeth missing or so many tattoos you are not sure what their original skin color may be. But this guy walked in, about 25 or so. HOT. I mean drop dead HOT. Dark hair, dark eyes, nice build, and a great tan. Yes, my mouth was watering. He came in to purchase moving boxes. He smiles and looks at me and says...

"You got a bathroom I can use?"
"Sure, right back to the left."

He walks back to the bathroom which is in full view of the front door and my desk and whips out his manhood, and takes a piss leaving the door standing wide open.

Yes, I looked.
Yes, it was as nice as everything else about him.
Yes, he washed his hands.

He came back paid for his boxes and told me to have a good day.

Thanks, I will now.

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