Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Take Two M&M's And Call Me in the Morning

The miracles of modern medicine. My favorite candy coated chocolate could very possibly have medicinal purposes! Give me that bag of m&m's NOW! Steph & Alek over at OhLaLa posted this story. Could it be that M&M's could cure heart disease, prevent strokes, and taste good all at the same time? Please tell me it's so, and not just an advertising gimmick to sell more of those colorful little "pill" like candies.

But if that is the case, will we have to have a prescription to savor those chocolate morsels? Plus pay a visit to our doctor in order to get that said prescription? What if I overdose on those succulent little chocolate, candy coated wonders? Oh, I don't even want to think about that. Then before you know it, they will be selling them on the streets illegally instead of using them for fundraising. Can you imagine melting them down into liquid form and shooting them into your arm? What a waste!

No, please tell me it ain't so! Please tell me that those friendly little candies from my youth and beyond will still be on sell at the local corner store or supermarket!! And the worse thing will be when they ban those cute talking M&M's boys from advertising on TV. I can't even imagine the horrors!!

First they put women's clothing on sale at men's clothing stores and now this, is nothing sacred?

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