Sunday, July 10, 2005

45, It's Just a Number

Well so far 45 is not too bad. I worked yesterday and then attended the annual Hillbilly Reunion with DJ's family. Most of his stepfather's family were born and raised in Southeastern Kentucky and were "transplanted" to Ohio and Indiana in the late 50's. We had a good time and drank too many strawberry daquiri. But this morning I awoke with no hangover, just a slight headache and was greeted with good home cooked Kentucky breakfast and many "happy birthdays".

After breakfast DJ and I went condo/apartment hunting and found one that we both loved. It's just down the street from his mother and it is the perfect size and price. Not to mention we can walk to her house in five minutes and jump into her pool. So Thursday we are going to see if we qualify and hopefully move sometime the first week of August. Afterwards we went to spend my birthday money I received from DJ's grandparents and Silver. And no, I did not buy a DVD set! Aren't you proud of me? I bought a new computer desk. I've needed one for sometime and the one we have I really do not want to move as it is so heavy, so we opted on a much smaller, lightweight model. Plus it has casters for easy redecorating.

Received birthday well wishes from my parents, both brothers, my kids, Veruca and my Aunt. And after my "special" birthday gift from DJ, I'm ready for some cuddle time and sleep.

See 45 isn't too bad, not yet anyway.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Michael! I'm sure your 45th is going to be your best yet.

~one of your readers, t.

Graham Wyatt said...

Happy B-day Cuz! Hope you get everything you want.