Friday, July 29, 2005

Birthday Boy

No, It's not my birthday again, God forbid. It's the son's birthday today. J2 turns 15 today. The picture here is one of my favorites, he was around 2 when this was taken. He hasn't changed too much except for the fact that he is almost as tall as dad.

J2 was a surprise. His mother and I were told that after our daughter was born, and my ex's bout with cervical cancer that the chances of her conceiving another child was almost null. 6 years later, NULL was born! He is a joy and as a child very content and always smiling. Now as a teenager, who knows. But he still seems content, and most of the time he is smiling. He is currently experiencing First Love. He and a young girl have been "going out" for four months. Constantly on the phone, and constantly talking about her. Yep, my son is growing up. Happy Birthday J2! Dad loves ya!

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