Monday, July 25, 2005

Sweatin' It

Everyone is talking about the heat. From California to New York. It's been HOT! The weatherman said that our high today would be 97, but at 2:00 today when I went to the bank, the thermometer read 102! I can not remember when it was that hot. Luckily our air conditioning is working at home and at work. Can you imagine what this heat would be like without air conditioning? I guess I'm not quite that old, but I do know that at one time people didn't have air conditioning, how did they survive? We are fortunate.

Speaking of old, today my parents celebrate 46 years of wedded bliss. Not sure how much bliss is really involved, but at least they seem to love each other even after all these years. That's a long time to be married to the same person. How my mother did it, I don't know. She must really love him. Just kidding, I'm sure Dad has not been all bad. But in this day and time, it's a very rare thing for people to be married 10 years, not to mention 40 plus. Dad said it wasn't as hot on this day 46 years ago, but he was sweating pretty bad. I bet he was! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

We are still packing. Yes, it seems that it will never end, but we are almost there. Everything but our kitchen is packed. (And of course the computer, which will be packed last.) We are set to load everything Saturday night, pick up the key to the new place Sunday afternoon, and unload. It will take weeks before I have everything where I want it, and before we can go through all these damn boxes and find everything. But it will be worth it. Soon. Or at least I keep telling myself that. Soon I will be in the lap of suburbia. Oh, Lord what have I done????

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