Friday, July 08, 2005

The Hunt is On

Since when does a small bedroom apartment constitute an ad saying CONDO AVAILABLE?
That was what happened to DJ and I tonight. I found an ad in the classifieds yesterday for a 2 bedroom condo, newly renovated, spacious with washer and dryer hookups available for immediate occupancy. It was in a location that DJ and I both were comfortable with so we made an appointment. When we arrived I knew it was not what we wanted. The spacious condo, was actually a small 2 bedroom apartment. The rooms were smaller than the actual apartment we lived in about three years ago, but this complex didn't even have a pool. Sorry having a washer dryer hookup in the apartment does not constitute a condo. Maybe it was the cheap electric fireplace, who knows...
But anyway this is not going to deter us from finding a new place. The hunt is officially on.
We are going to check out a real condo/townhouse community on Sunday. That is if we are not too hung over from the family reunion/birthday party on Saturday.

Check out the Moblog, I have a great picture of Xander watching TV. Yes our cat does watch TV and now I have proof.

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