Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dad, My Cracker Barrel Champion

Last night I went to dinner with my parents at their current favorite "hangout", Cracker Barrel. Before going to dinner my father proceeds to tell me that he has conquered the cracker barrel game? Not being a big cracker barrel fan, I was not sure what he meant, then he said...

"You know that triangle game on the table with the golf tees."

Oh yeah, that.

Needless to say I forgot about that conversation by the time we got to the restaurant. But to my chagrin my father proceeds to share with DJ and I his new found ability. Within a matter a seconds he has the game beat. One peg left standing all alone. My dad, my champion. A real hero. Really he is, but this whole peg game is kinda silly. Well until I tried it. And tried it, and tried it. Never gaining the accomplishment of my father. Once again defeated by wisdom.

Then dad showed me his secret. Apparently over the past few months he and my mother eat at Cracker Barrel at least twice a week. (I can not see how they do that! That in itself is a feat) Mother shares that every time they would come into the store and take their seats, Dad would proceed to play this peg and hole game, only to leave defeated. Finally after who knows how many tries and meals at Cracker Barrel, Dad gets it. Then memorizes his moves.

He now has shown all of his sons, and grandkids and anyone else that would like to know, how to beat the Cracker Barrel Game.

Dad, why didn't you just go online, HERE are several ways to win, without having to eat all that food!

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