Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let it Snow

Woke up this morning to a little snow on the ground. Not a lot, just a dusting but it was enough to make the crazy drivers freak. On the way to work I saw three cars off the road and two fairly major accidents. What is it about the first snow of the season? Do people forget how to drive in the snow that quickly? You can't do 80 miles an hour on snow covered roads, so slow down. The bridges and overpasses were pretty bad this morning and that seemed to be most of the problem, but just watch and be more careful.

Other than the problems it has been causing on the road, the snow was beautiful. I wasn't expecting a white Thanksgiving, and it may postpone our plans tonight, but It does look nice. Our plans are to hit the bars tonight with Red and Budlight. Tonight being one of the biggest bar nights of the year we will probably get into trouble, let's just hope it is fun trouble and not snow trouble.

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