Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Having my computer on the blitz, SUCKS. Been busy at work this week so I haven't been able to post so all my regular postings, Man of the Week;HNT and all those other interesting posts about my life have been put on hold and I do apologize.

I am not any closer to getting my computer fixed than I was last Friday, but I do know my problem is bigger than just a fan motor. I tried hooking up my old computer Sunday to at least get online to read my mail, but to no avail. My modem on that computer is fried. So I am stuck posting from work for a while.

Friday night went out with Mamma D and Big D, DJ's parents. We went to BW3's for wings and alcohol. Of course I got a little to drunk, but everyone seemed to ignore me. Saturday was work as usual and Sunday I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned. The apartment looks great. I have to do SOMETHING now that my computer is dead. It is amazing how much longer the days seem and how much I can get accomplished when I'm not sitting on my ass all day staring at the SIMS. I know DJ is happy. But anyway...Hopefully I can be back at full level soon and continue to entertain all of you. Until then have a great Thanksgiving and remember to not eat too much, we have to make sure those HNT posts look good!

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