Friday, November 11, 2005

When You Wish Upon A Star

Since moving into our new place, DJ and I have decided to not smoke in the house. It's bad enough that I smell of smoke, and that my clothing smells as well. I don't want my home to smell that way, so we opt to go out onto our patio to indulge in our "one" vice. I know, we should both quit, and maybe someday we can, but for now we will head to the patio and smoke our selves silly.

Tonight as we were sitting there filling our lungs with pollutants we both saw it almost at the same time. A shooting star! I mean it bolted out of the sky.

"Did you see that?!" I stated
"Yeah, I did." As he looked into the clear night sky

Another draw on the cigarette and WHOOSH!
Yet, another falling star, (I differentiated the stars as this one moved a little slower).

"There was another one" DJ says.
"I know, I almost missed that one."

As I sat there I made wishes on our falling stars. Now I can't share what I wished for because then it won't come true, but I wished the same thing for both stars.

Double the pleasure, double the fun I always say.
I wonder what DJ wished for?

By the way, thanks to EVERYONE that commented on my HNT Post yesterday. It figures that when I post a nekkid picture of myself I get more comments than ever. Thanks, I love the attention!

1 comment:

Drew said...

Oh, the comments I could've made about yesterday's blog!!!

But I won't go there....

No, I won't mention that half of the gay male population of Southwestern Ohio has already seen that....

No, I won't go there....

:-) Now I have to go sanitize the camera....