Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Making Memories

With the upcoming nuptials it seems that many of our discussions have been about weddings. DJ and I were talking last night about my sons wedding on Saturday. DJ was raised Catholic and has only seen Catholic weddings, so when I told him the ceremony would only last about 15 to 20 minutes he was surprised. He was thinking we had a good two hours of sitting in the church for the ceremony. I think he was actually relieved.

Discussing Catholic weddings, I recalled a wedding I attended back in the early 80's. One of my cousins, named Steve, married a Catholic girl and had one of those big catholic weddings, complete with mass and communion. I had never attended a catholic wedding and had no idea what to expect. Being raised Baptist, I had not even been into a catholic church. So one of my other cousins, Barb and I decided to attend together and I picked her up. Of course we had to have a little "smoke" before we went to the wedding, which made us late. We came into the church while some girl was up singing an aria. Not ever being in a Catholic church I had no idea that there were kneeling benches, so Barb and I quickly ran to a seat in the back of the church and I tripped over the kneeling bench. I hit my head and banged my shins up pretty good, and almost yelled out a profanity, but Barb's laughing subdued that. We quickly retreated back outside where we rolled into laughter. Once we got back into the church, it was hard to keep a straight face. Then when we started getting up and down that got me laughing again. I remember telling Barb that I felt like a Jack in the Box, which caused her to laugh out loud again. We again retreated outside where we remained for the remainder of the service. I mean we didn't want to seem sacrilegious.

I love memories like those. Hopefully Saturday will be a day for memories as well.

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