Monday, November 14, 2005

The Wedding

As most of you know that read my blog, my oldest son, J1 was married on Saturday. He and his now wife, "Lil Bit tied the knot in good old redneck fashion. Actually the wedding was very nice. Hat's off to J1's mother for throwing things together so well in just little over a week. My son looked very dapper in his suit coat and tie. I think that was actually the first time he had ever had one on. I almost didn't recognize him. But I'm getting ahead of my self. Let's start with the morning of the wedding.

DJ and I had to leave the house by 10:30 to pick up my daughter Princess in Florence, as he BF had to work and was unable to attend the festivities (oh so sad, can you tell I was upset by that?) We left in plenty of time. And we arrived at her place of employment earlier than anticipated. So I decided I'd travel down the road to TARGET to pick up a disposable camera and some dress socks. I had on a pair of old ankle length socks, and they just didn't go with my dress slacks. Well I think everyone in Florence had decided to all go to TARGET at the same time. We sat in traffic a good 20 minutes trying to get back onto the interstate. It was now 12:15 and the wedding started at 1:30. It is a good hour from Florence Kentucky to Liberty Indiana, so we had to move. Traffic was fine on the intertstate, but once we got into the country...Well lets say I made it to the wedding at 1:35 after several calls to my daughter's cell phone asking where we were. They held up the wedding long enough so I didn't miss a thing.

'Lil Bit as, as you know 6 weeks pregnant. But when she came out to come down the aisle with her grandfather, she looks at least 3 months! She has a pouch already. She is not a very big girl, about 4'9" and small frame, so maybe that was why she looked more pregnant. But I will not be surprised if this baby comes "early".

During the vows, she stops and wails out an "oh...My" and then fans herself. So cute and so "Absolutely Fabulous". My son stands there in his silent reserved way and just smiles. Within 15 minutes they were wed. Then off to the cake cutting. The cake was beautiful ( I will have pictures to post later in the week from my disposable camera). They were calm with the cake smashing, and didn't get one another too messed up. Soon the party began to wind down and my son invited me to the After Party. Which was being held at his Best Man's house in a Trailer Park. I will fill you in on that tomorrow...

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