Monday, January 31, 2005

Woo Hoo!

I am a SIMS2 Addict. I play it WAY TOO much, just ask DJ. I have one town that I play and in that town I have several families. I am now on the fourth generation in some of those families. (see I told you I play too much). But tonight while playing my "Wellington" family I experienced something I have not seen before. If you don't know anything about SIMS, it is a simulated game where you create the people and thier homes. they do all the things we do; eat, sleep, use the bathroom, get jobs, etc. You can control your SIMS, or if you are busy (Like I was tonight) you can just let the game play, and the SIMS will follow thir self-will. In this family I have four sons, and thier parents. Their oldest son is of adult SIM age and the other three are teens. I went to start dinner, and left the game running. When I returned, the one son, was having WOO HOO (SEX in Sim Language) in the hot tub with the gardener!! This would not be abnormal, as SIMS have lots of WOO HOO. But this SIM prefers the sims of the same sex. The gardener was female. He must be a BI-Simual??? (I told you I play too much.)

Speaking of WOO HOO, DJ and I have been in a woo hoo lull. Must be the weather (or possibly because I stay up all night playing SIMS) I've never been one that was sexual during the winter months. I don't know why. Those are the times you would want to cuddle up to the one you love. Not me. I know it becomes frustrating for DJ. But I think he has learnt to adjust. I also have noticed as I have gotten older that the lack of my sexual appetite in the winter becomes more and more prolonged. So I've decided what I'm going to do about it. As of February 1 (that's tomorrow for those of you without a calendar) I am going to go to bed at a more reasonable time and leave my SIMS be. I think that if I start going to bed earlier, I may just find out what I've been missing...WOO HOO!!

Today was a quiet, slow and a somewhat insightful day. Not that I had an epiphany or anything, but my mood has been somewhat somber. Also the MS has been at work in my legs. The pain drains me. I sat most of the day, quiet. So much so that even DJ's mother who came into the office today, asked if I was okay. I'm not sure. I don't know what it is, but my mind has just not been focused. I haven't talked to any of my friends in days. I haven't even called my kids since last week. I have no energy. No motivation. A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and it has caused me to think too much. You ever get that way? Get to the point where you become self-absorbed and the world moves around you, without you even realizing it sometimes? Maybe it's this damn weather. Maybe it's playing a simulated computer game for too long. Maybe it's the lack of woo hoo. Well whatever it is, hopefully tomorrow will begin a new motivation for me. January is over. Spring is just around the corner...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm SO Over Winter

I am so tired of this picture. I am so over the winter weather. It seems like every weekend we have to contend with the ice and the snow. Friday while getting lunch at work I go to the drive-thru (Rally's or Checker's in some parts of the country) and I'm sitting there in the line admiring the guy behind me in my side view mirror when all of a sudden. BUMP. The woman in front of me is backing up! Where is she going? You are in the drive-thru bitch, there is no where for you to go. I blow on the horn and she and her passenger both get out of their dilapadated mini-van.

"Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't even see you!"
"Maybe if you had side view mirrors and a rear view mirror you would have."

Her passenger who makes Carson from Queer Eye look straight just gives a twist and goes back into the van. There was no damage, just a little scratch, and I continue to make my way for my deep fried, dried up, crispy chicken sandwich with fries and a small coke.

Fast Forward to Saturday Night...

DJ calls from work and says he is getting off early. (Oh goodie now maybe I can too!!) It's 8:30 so I jump into the car and head to town to pick him up. I pull out of my street onto the main road and stop at a red light. I proceed through the intersection at a slow rate of speed as the roads are snow-covered and somewhat icy, and again. BUMP.

Mr. Teenage Ghetto Wannabe in his wannabe-mobile was unable to stop at his red light do to his high rate of speed and slides into the back-end of our car. He then proceeds to speed up, unable to control his heap of metal on wheels with chrome rims and slids into the sidewalk. I get out to check my car and him. Car is fine, just another little scratch on the back to match the new one on the front. He on the other hand is screaming profanities. I come towards him and ask him if he is okay.

"What the fuck you think?"
"My car is okay, just wanted to make sure you are okay."
"I have no fucking insurance, so who is going to pay for this?"
"Well seeing how you ran a red light, I suppose you will."
Another gentleman who was in the lane next to me concurs. Then the little ass who caused this minor distruption then goes back to his car and calls someone on the cell phone. He then says.

"The police are not coming, they said to exchange insurance companies and phone numbers. But I don't have any insurance, so if you are okay and your car is okay I guess there is no sense in calling them, right?"
"My car is fine, I was just making sure you are ok."
"I'm fine faggot, just go."

Okay, fuck you too.
I pick up DJ an hour late and we head home.
Today I stayed in the house. Maybe I will stay here until April.

Friday, January 28, 2005


No we haven't called an exterminator, but I wish he could help. I got the bug, the flu bug I guess. You know, that aching, rundown blah feeling? Woke up with it this morning, went to work anyway and as the day progressed it got worse. So it sounds like some nyquil, tylenol and bed for me. What a way to start a weekend.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

See You Feb. 27th

Okay here they are. My lame guesses of the winners of this years Oscars. I am usually pretty good at my predictions, but this year is tough.

Best Picture: This will definitely go to THE AVIATOR. Hands down favorite. It's a bioepic about Howard Hughes, and the film has more stars than the Big Dipper.

Best Actor: This year's race for actor is tough, but I think that Jamie Foxx will pull it out. I don't think the academy cares for Leo, and they have already counted out Johnny. Don Cheadle is a first time nominee. The only one possibly that can take it from Jamie will be Clint Eastwood.

Best Actress: Everyone is saying it's going to be either Annette or Hilary. I think that everyone is going to be surprised when Imelda Stauton walks off with the statuette. But I
won't hold my breath on that.

Supporting Actor: I would have hoped it will be Thomas Haden Church for his role in Sideways, but I think that Alan Alda will take the gold this year.

Supporting Actress: It's been a long time coming, but Virginia Madsen will be the winner this year, and well-deserved.

I know I didn't predict the nominations for Director but I do want to predict the winner. This year Martin Scorcesee will finally receive his just rewards. A brillant director, he should have way before now.

Don't run to Vegas and put any money on these, but I think I may do well. See you on Oscar Night.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cheek Implants & Advice to the Love Lorn

This is the third time today that I have started a post to my blog. Each time I was interupted and decided to wait. Now it's late, I'm tired and I forgot what I was going to write about anyway. So instead I visited my site stats. An interesting little tool. Since I've been blogging (almost a year now) I've had three different sites, all with the same name but with a different host. First I jumped onto angelfire. I was new to the blogging thing and had no idea what it was all about, so don't hold it against me. Then I moved to mblog, which just one day decided to no longer offer the service, taking all of my data. Then I moved to Blogger, which I must say is outstanding. But in total I have had over 6,000 hits. Not too bad. But not too good. But anyway, as I was looking at my stats today I found something very strange. I have the ability to check what people are searching for when they happen to run across my blog. It seems that someone in Finland was doing a search for cheek implants and google linked them to my Dec. 10, 2004 post. How in the hell did they get cheek implants out of that? So what did I do? I went to google and searched cheek implants. I found 96,800 hits for cheek implants. No I did not go through all of them, but I didn't find a link back to Reality Check. But can someone give me some idea how anyone got cheek implants out of that posting? So whoever you are over there in Finland looking for cheek implants...good luck with that!

How do you heal a broken heart? No, not me. But I had to listen to a grown man wallow in self pity and doubt today for over an hour because some girl ditched him. It was DJ's uncle, and I was a captive audience. Not that I wanted to be mind you, but I was working and he came in. He didn't preface the conversation with anything he just started with...
"So that girl I thought was really hot ditched me today."
First of all I can not imagine why anyone would ditch him. I mean he wears the latest fashions of 1978, including his hairstyle. He wears the same outfit at least three times a week and there is so much cat hair on his clothes he may be mistaken for one. He is 41 and has never had a job and his mom still washes his clothes, does his laundry, cleans his apartment and gives him an allowance!! Any woman in their right mind would be crazy not to hold onto a man like that! He went on and on and on about how this girl just fucked him over. Then he says to me...

"If you saw her you'd understand too. She is a hot chick, you would fall for her the instant you saw her!"

Uh, No. First of all I don't think ANYONE uses the term "hot chick" anymore and I don't do girls, I do your nephew. I finally called my boss and begged to leave early. She gave me the okay, as she had heard the entire story the night before and felt my pain.

My advice to you Uncle Dave is;
1) Get a job
2) Get a real haircut.
3) Buy some new clothes (at Banana Republic or Old Navy, not the Salvation Army)
4) Quit hitting on 19 year old girls who already have three kids and two ex husbands.
5) Actually, just don't leave the house...EVER.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I Didn't Do Too Bad

Take a look back a few days to HERE, and you can see my predictions for the nominations. Here is the complete list of the five major awards for this year's Oscars. (the one with asterisk's are the ones I missed...)

Best Picture -100% Correct

"The Aviator","Finding Neverland", "Million Dollar Baby", "Ray", and "Sideways."

Performance by an actor in a leading role

*Don Cheadle in “Hotel Rwanda” ( I suppose Paul Giamatti hasn't paid his dues yet)
Johnny Depp in “Finding Neverland”
Leonardo DiCaprio in “The Aviator”
Clint Eastwood in “Million Dollar Baby”
Jamie Foxx in “Ray”

Performance by an actor in a supporting role

*Alan Alda in “The Aviator” (Good Surprise)
Thomas Haden Church in “Sideways”
*Jamie Foxx in “Collateral”
(Both Actor and Supporting, he will walk away a winner or a double loser)
Morgan Freeman in “Million Dollar Baby”
Clive Owen in “Closer”

Performance by an actress in a leading role - 100% Correct

Annette Bening in “Being Julia”
Catalina Sandino Moreno in “Maria Full of Grace”
Imelda Staunton in “Vera Drake”
Hilary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”
Kate Winslet in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

Performance by an actress in a supporting role

Cate Blanchett in “The Aviator”
Laura Linney in “Kinsey”
Virginia Madsen in “Sideways”
*Sophie Okonedo in “Hotel Rwanda”
(Okay so Gwen Stefani was a longshot, I can wish can't I?)
Natalie Portman in “Closer”

Next week I will give my guesses on the winners.
I still don't understand why Gwen wasn't nominated....


irked, irking1. To annoy or irritate, especially persistently.
Thesaurus: irritate, provoke, bother, annoy, aggravate, peeve, vex, perturb, weary, tire, rile, bug (slang), rub the wrong way; Antonym: please.

I’ve not used that word often, I prefer the word pet-peeve. But after reading Til the Cows Come Home's posting today I thought of the word irk. There are a few things that really irk me.

Like people talking on a cell phone while trying to operate an automobile. There should be a law against that.
I also do not deal well with duplicitous people. Such a sure sign of low self-esteem.
Dirty public bathrooms! I will not even go into a public bathroom anymore.
Also getting the wrong thing at the drive thru, and not realizing it until you get all the way home.

And then there is George...
This irks the hell out of me!! But the majority put him in back in office.

I know some other things that irk others. Budlight Girl’s best friend, Red hates it when someone blows their nose at a dinner table. My employer gets really irked when she is told she has done something wrong, as she NEVER makes a mistake. I remember as a kid my mom would go through the roof when my father would sit on the sofa next to her and pass gas. (yeah that’s pretty irksome). Or use the "F" word. Some people, like DJ’s uncle just irk me when he walks into the room. But what other’s do are one thing, but what about the things that the one you love does? The one that shares your home and your bed. I love DJ, more than anything, but there are a few things that he does that just irk the hell out of me.

Like when he cracks his knucles in bed.

Actually that's about all I can think of. Hmmm?
I thought there were more...
No seriously that's about it.
Okay I know there has to be something else. Come on Michael, surely there is something he does besides cracking his knuckles in bed that irks you?
Nothing is coming to me, now THAT really irks me.

So what does your significant other do that irks you? Oh come on share, I won't tell.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Heeere'ssss Johnny!

I remember fondly the first time I heard those words. It was 1969 and I was 9 years old and my mom let me stay up late to watch the Tonight Show, for the first time! He had on the Osmonds and I just HAD to watch them. So mom allowed me to stay up late and watch Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show. Well up until the Osmonds act was over and then off to bed I went. I watched again later that same year when Tiny Tim wed Miss Vicki on the show.

Now Johnny is gone.

He's been gone actually since his retirement some 13 years ago. I watched that show to. Bette Midler was his final guest. Since then it was like he dissapeared. He stayed out of the limelight and from all accounts enjoyed his retirement.
But now Johnny is really gone. Due to emphysema.

I wonder just how many stars he catapulted to fame? I mean if you got asked to be on the Tonight Show that was a launching pad. Look what it done for Jay Leno! Over the years I became a big fan of Johnny and the Tonight Show. I hardly ever missed it. I haven't but maybe watched it twice since Jay began hosting. Sorry but he is just not the same. I now prefer Letterman.

His diolouge was yes, corny but hilarious. His skits even cornier (is that a word?) But the man was class. He was Style. He was entertainment for the masses. He had the greatest guest stars. When no one else could get them on, all he did was ask, and they sat on his couch. From BB King to U2. From Steve Lawerence to Steve Martin. Even Tammy Faye Bakker! It was so much fun to watch him laugh with the stars as well as the "common folk" he would have on the show. Late Night TV hasn't been the same. And now it never will be.

We thank you Johnny.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Quiet Sunday

Okay, today I'm sore. The party was Friday night and did I mention I danced. Danced like a fool. No pain yesterday, but today I am sore. My legs hurt, my hips hurt, and my knees. But it seems that I'm not the only one that felt the pain of trying to act a kid again. DJ's step-father,
"Big D" was sick the entire day yesterday. He couldn't eat until 6:30 last night without getting sick. The things we do to ourselves for just a few hours of fun.

The plans for the remainder of my weekend went stale due to the frigid cold. The snow storm by-passed us but the cold is unbearable. Not as bad as some cities, but it's cold enough to stay in. We were going to go out last night with Silver but the icy air kept us inside. We did go out earlier today and met Veruca for lunch at Max & Erma's. Apparently He & Jewels had a little dish smashing party last night. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one. Veruca is up on the most latest fades and fashions, maybe that is the "gay way" to argue. Just throw your tableware at each other. Sounds like it could get a little expensive.

I did get my TLA Video catalog yesterday, so maybe I could go shopping online. I do still need to get Latter Days.

Not much going on, trying to stay warm and occupied. So until the next entry, have a good weekend, or what's left of it and stay warm.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

21 Again

I'm not 21 anymore. I haven't been 21 in over 23 years. But last night I acted like I was 21.

Today? I realized that being 21 just for a few hours really makes you feel 44 the next morning.

DJ's little sister "Budlight" turned 21 last night. The family gave her a surprise birthday party. It included all of her family, high school friends, college friends and others. There were roughly about 100 people in the hall. Not to mention tons of TESTOSTERONE filled 21 year old men! I met some of the most liberal, open-minded, not to mention attractive straight guys last night. And no...I DID NOT HIT ON THEM. I actually enjoyed their conversations and hanging out with them. We are actually going to go canoeing this summer with a couple of them, and their wives of course.
Of course they had their questions, like "how did you know" or "when did you know" and "Why did you get married if you knew?" The same ones I hear over and over again. But back to being 21 again.

I drank. I drank rum & coke. I drank A LOT of rum & coke. Not to mention a couple tequila rose shots. I danced. I danced with the little girls ( 12-14) and then I danced with the big girls (18-28) and then I tried to dance with the boys, but DJ said that may not go over well with the crowd, so instead I kareoked. He should have let me dance. Me singing Elvis's rendition of "Teddy Bear" was not pretty. But it was better than DJ's grandfather's version of the Patsy Cline Hit, "Walking After Midnight"

DJ was somewhat wasted, but his sister! She didn't even know her name by the end of the night. Me? I began to sober up fairly quickly, and we were home in bed by 1:30 a.m. We were asleep by 3:00. (You figure it out)

Great Birthday Budlight! Happy 21
Oh to be 21 again.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Becoming a Feline Fanatic

I am sure this posting will drive my hits on my stat counter sky high, but here it goes. I love my pussy... cats!! I didn't think I'd ever say those words as my entire life growing up we always had a dog. We never had cats. Then I met DJ, who is also a dog person. We had a black lab named Bailey for awhile but was unable to keep him due to our living situation at the time. He was adopted by a great family and is doing great. Fast Forward a few years (2) and I begin working with several cats. (Don't ask it's a crazy situation, one that would take an entire posting all on it's own.) But suddenly I found myself drawn to these little feline creatures. I also realized that they are highly intelligent (more so than dogs anyway), independent and self-sufficent. (no late night walking the cats).
So, I brought home Willow and DJ and I fell in love with her. Then I spotted the cutest little kitten out on the lot next to where I work, and brought it home. We named him Xander. So we had a complete family, DJ, myself and our two cats. Well as you know if you are a reader here we welcomed Cordelia into our home last week. She is now 7 weeks old and finally after a week, Xander and Willow have acclaimated her into our home. Xander never seemed to have a problem with her, but Willow "growled" for a few days. But now it seems as you can see by this picture, that Cordy is one of the gang.

Xan and Cordy

they were cuddling one another as they slept right before the picture was taken.

Each cat has their own distinct personality. Willow is the bitch. She parades around the house as though she owns it, and has her own agenda.
Xander or Xan as we refer to him, is the fun loving, happy go lucky, I'm okay you're okay attitude. He adores his new little sister.
Cordy, even though still young she has personality, and a lot of it. She even has a little "swag" in her walk.
There is only one problem. They give DJ all the attention. He sits on the sofa; they come to him, one at his feet, one on his shoulder and one in his lap. DJ goes to bed to read; and there they are again. He goes to the bathroom and they sit outside the door. I don't understand! I feed them every day, I change their litter. I even will pick Xan up and bring him to bed with us when I come to bed at 2:00a.m., like I will probably do again tonight. Why don't they give ME attention? Where is the justification in this? I brought every one of them into this house! But, oh well. I can be satisfied with just their presence. At least they don't attack me when I walk into a room or hiss at me, right? So i will say it again, and I hope google don't get too upset, but I Love my Pussy Cats!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Queerpants, Cliches & Cat Litter

That old cliche..."Time Flies..." was true for me yesterday. I had absolutely no customers at work yesterday and only a few phone calls. Wednesdays are almost always slow, but that was the worst. Normally having no customers makes for a slow day but not yesterday. Before I realized, it was lunch and then in a twinkle of an eye it was time to go home. Once I got home, again the evening seemed to fly by. I hope this is no indication of how the rest of the year is going to be. I would like to have time to savor the moment so to speak.

I heard an incredible real life story yesterday about a 65 year old male Wal-Mart greeter.
It seems he was let go because he was showing a computer generated picture of himself with nothing on but a Wal-Mart bag, hiding his...well bag. He told customers that Wal-Mart was cutting prices and this was his new uniform.
The unemployment compensation board also rejected his request for unemployment, as they stated anyone with any knowledge of business would know what he did was not good for Wal-Mart's image or business. Put's a new meaning on Welcome Wal-Mart shoppers, and another reason to go to TARGET!
The man's excuse? He thought it was funny.
So if you are looking for work, there is a Wal-mart near Kansas City that is looking for a greeter.

I also came across a website yesterday via Towelroad called "I Stole Brad". It seems that this company is going to make a fortune on the misfortune of the glamour couple and their split. Greed is an evil thing isn't it?

Have you heard? Yes it's true. Well according to the right-wing conservatives, it's true. SpongeBob is now QUEER PANTS! Now how do they know? Because he holds hands with his male friend? Come on guys THEY ARE CARTOON CHARECTERS!! They are not real! And by the way, the Republicans and the Right Wingers wouldn't know a gay guy if they slept with one.

DJ is off today running errands. Groceries, cat food, litter, hair products and paying bills. Now that we have three cats, it seems that we go through cat litter and food faster than our own milk and bread. The only problem with that is that the cat litter and cat food cost more than our milk and bread. And check out this site...HOT BLOG AND RELISH...He rated me (well my blog) as HOT!! Thanks James!

Well I better get back to work, just in case someone decides to stop in....

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Paying for the Inauguration

Well the time is upon us. Tomorrow is the day. The Big Inaugural, and so it's time for my first political post of the new year. On Face the Nation Sunday, they reported that this year's inauguration was going to be funded by the taxpayers. Yes, the taxpayers of Washington DC is going to foot the bill for the parades, the grandstand, the balls, everything. All previous incoming Presidents, and second term inaugurations have been funded by the administration. Not George. The administration informed the city that they were going to have to pay this year. Well you can imagine the backlash from that! SO the administration then suggested that they take extra funds from the newly developed Terrorisim Fund. This money is earmarked and set aside to help cover the costs of terrorisim that may come to DC. You know, armored vests, weapons and all the other things needed that the President and his administration has warned us that could happen at anytime. So let me get this straight. He is elected President even after he got us into a war that now seems futile. He and his adminsitration has warned us to the point of setting up new agencies to secure our protection, but yet he wants us to pay for HIS PARTY out of those same funds? Which by the way were paid by the taxpayers. And this is just the beginning. It will get worse.

I added a new blog to my links thanks to Arthur and OFBM. A friend of his started a blog and it is refreshingly different. A view from his walls. Check it Out!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Kids, Reunions and the Weather

Well, I'm back. See told you I would. I had a very full weekend. Friday my two youngest boys came for the weekend and we had a great time. They seemed to be on their best behavior all weekend. Although DJ was ready for them to go home on Monday. His patience was beginning to wear thin.

Saturday I went to Veruca's home for a "Stock the Bar Party". He and Jewels bought a new condo and one of Veruca's co-workers hosted the party. I brought a bottle of White Wine. All alcohol brought for their bar had to start with the first letter of your last name. There were people there I had not seen in sometime. Miss "Thang was there as always. She lost some more weight and is looking good. Our own Phoebe Buffay was also present and apparently she has a new boyfriend!! You go Phoebe!! Miss Firecracker was present as well with her new beau, who was quite good looking. Apparently Miss Firecracker stated he had some other assests as well, but I will not go into those at the present time... The evening was a sucsess for Veruca and Jewels, but I had to depart early as Silver had my boys while I was partying.

Sunday of course was the funeral for my friend Kathy who passed last week. Again I saw a lot of people that I had not seen in sometime. Many of whom I didn't even recognize. They all chatted about their jobs, their kids and their winter homes in Tennessee and Georgia. Not much differant than the party the night before. I really think those visitation things are so sad. I mean you go to pay respects to someone that you shared part of your life with and it becomes a reunion with the living, and little regard is given to the departed. I didn't stay long, but I did say hello to Kathy's father and stepmother to let them know I was there and gave them my respects.

Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. day and I stayed in bed until 11:45! Hey I had a dream, and it was good and I didn't want to get up. But I finally craweled out from under the warmth of the blankets to -2 degrees outside. Brrrrrrr. Last week it was in the 60's here and now it is below zero! Strange weather we are having. Took the boys home last night, all is now quiet again.

So that was my weekend. And before you you say it....How boring was yours?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Weekend Hiatus

Not going to play on the computer this weekend after I leave work today. It's something I'm doing for DJ. He says I spend too much time on the computer, so no SIMS or No blogging. I will see you all on Martin Luther King Day. Until then have a funtastic weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2005

A Real Reality Check

I had a wake up call of sorts today. A real reality check if you will. I received a phone call at work that went something like this:

"This is Michael"
"Michael who has a brother named C and a brother named G?"
"That would be me."
"And you grew up in Rossdale?"
"Who is this?"
"This is Mark." I knew who it was immediately when he said his name. Mark and I were best of friends from about 14 to 24. Inseperable. We did everything together. We were each other's best man in our weddings. And yes unknown to him and the rest of civilization I was in love with Mark. The last time I heard from him was about 7 years ago and he had gained about 120 pounds and lost most of his hair. (the love had dissapated by then)
I was afraid he had called to say one of his parents had passed, as they were both older than my parents and his father had been in bad health for sometime. But it wasn't that...

"Michael, Kathy died yesterday."

Kathy was his first love, and my first female friend. She was a few years younger than us, but she hung out with us all the time. Her mother was killed in a car accident when she was 11 and she moved in with her father and his wife and we became aquainted with her through them. She was young beautiful and full of life. She was one of my ex-wife's bridesmaids. Mark dated her from the time she was 13 until she was 18. When they broke up I was devastated. My two best friends not to be together. It just wasn't fair.
Mark went on to marry a great girl, and Kathy had a son, and I am not sure but I don't think she ever married. After she had her son I lost contact with her.

"Oh my God, Mark."
"Yeah that is exactly what I said. It looks as though it was an apparent heart attack. She went to the hospital experiencing chest pain and they sent her home telling her it was acid reflux. By the time the ambulance arrived she was gone."

Another part of my childhood and teenage years gone. She was only 41. It seems as though it was yesterday that we laughed and cried and was grwoing up together. Sunday we will say goodbye. Thanks for being a part of my life Kathy. May you rest in peace.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stats and the Past

According to my stat counter so far since Nov. 15th when I added it to the site I've had over 750 hits. the biggest day was Thursday Jan. 6th with 78 hits in one day! So someone is looking at my site. I've had hits from Singapore, Canada, Maylasia, and Ireland. Most of course are here in the states, and mostly in Ohio and my area, but to think someone clear across the world is reading my blog is fascinating.

Speaking of journals I found an old journal the other day from 1998. That was 7 years ago, where has it gone? Here, this will give you an idea of what I was up to seven years ago, a blast from my past. (I changed the names to protect the innocent, even though they weren't very innocent)
December 29, 1998
Damn, way too long since the last entry! Alot has happened since the last one. Well the author I went out with...asshole. Wanted to patch things up with his ex, good excuse. whatever. Work? I have none, and haven't for some time. The bills from the accident have piled up and my child support is in arreage more than I can even imagine. Who knows? I met someone this past weekend, his name is A and he is 22 from Ky. Very cute and very sexy. I can't believe I gave him a blow job in the parking lot at the dock. I want to see him again, we have spoken on the phone but nothing as of yet has come of it. I want to see him again and he told me that he wants to see me as well. So we will see I hope. New Years Eve is coming and I hope not to spend it alone again. M.
From what I remember I did spend it alone as "A" was supposed to show up at a party I invited him to and he never arrived. I don't remember much about the author I apparently dated other than he dumped me. Boy I am glad things changed for me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Oscar Nomination Predictions

Yours truly has came up with my predictions for this years Oscar Nominations which will be announced January 25th. So here they are, let's see how I do... Each category will have five nominations, So I will give my five predictions with a long shot guess as well.

Period films normally do well, and when they include a biopic, it's even better. Two of my predictions are Biopics. The first one which will be a shoo-in is The Aviator, starring Leonardo DeCaprio. This film is getting a lot of hype and has some big name stars, starring as big name stars. My favorite is of course Gwen Stefani who portrays Jean Harlow.
the other biopic that will most definitely get a nod is RAY, starring Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles. This film has received great reviews and with Ray's death, this is the right time for the Academy to honor not only the film, but Ray himself. Again, today's big names starring as yesterday's big names.
The next prediction I am really hoping happens, and from the buzz in Hollywood it seems as though this will be the case. I still have not seen the movie yet, but as mentioned on my blog before, a friend of mine has a part in the movie. SIDEWAYS is getting a lot of attention, and the smaller studio pictures seem to do well with the Academy, so this one's for you Missy. Hope to see you there on Oscar Night!
MILLION DOLLAR BABY is really making the news, and with the likes of Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman, this will definitley get the Oscar nod. For my last prediction I think that being Peter Pan, or the author of peter Pan is always a good sale in Hollywood, so FINDING NEVERLAND will be on the list. As for my long shot guess, i would have to go with the Sexiest Man of the year and say CLOSER.
This leads us to the acting nominations

I will forego my commentary and just list my guesses, but it goes without saying that most of these predictions are from movies listed above.
Johnny Depp in Finding Neverland
Leonardo DeCaprio in Aviator
Paul Giamatti in Sideways
Jamie Foxx in Ray
Clint Eastwood in Million Dollar Baby
Longshot... Javier Bardem in The Sea Inside

BEST ACTRESS PREDICTIONS: This year I see two great actresses bidding for the top honor as they did a few years ago. I wonder if it will turn out the same way.
Annette Benning for Being Julia
Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby
Imelda Stauton for Vera Drake
Kate Winslet for Eternal Sunshine
Catalina Sandino Moreno for Maria Full of Grace
Longshot... Kerry Washington for Ray

As for the supporting nominations here they are, get ready...Thomas Haden Church in Sideways, Clive Owen for Closer, John Lithgow for Kinsey, Morgan Freeman for Million Dollar Baby, and Peter Saragaard in Garden State and if he doesn't get nominated for his work in Ray, Jamie Foxx will at least get nominated for his work in Collateral. Of course Virginia Madsen, making her comeback in Sideways, My fav, Laura Linney in Kinsey, Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn in the Aviator, Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow in the Aviator and Natalie Portman in Closer and what list would not be complete without the regualr yearly standby for my longshot, Meryl Streep.

So there you have it, check back on the 26th and see how bad I did.

Welcome Home, Cordelia

The newest addition to our family arrived today, Cordelia (Cordy for short) She is a Russian Blue/Calico mix. We are hoping she keeps the blue eyes. Say hello to everyone Cordy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Nothing Special

Not too much to blog about today, nothing really special. I just wish the rain would stop. I don't think we have seen the sun since Christmas. The Tsunami has really fucked up the weather everywhere. Out in California they are having absolutely crazy weather, mudslides, rain, snow you name it. Here today we had thunder and lightening, something that usually happens in March or April, not January. With all the rain we have flooding all over, but not as bad as some has had it. It's so dreary, gloomy and depressing. Not me though. I'm trying to kick that habit. Smile, smile, smile.

Speaking of the tsunami, did you hear that they are finding very few animal remains from the tidal wave? Yes, apparently the elephants and other animals have a heightened sense of smell and sound and they evacuated a little sooner than the humans. They say that elephants in particular have not been found, as they can hear anything within a 5 mile radius! Talk about eavesdropping!

Have you heard the latest in the Democratic Party? It seems as though my favorite candidate Howard Dean has his sights now set on the chairmanship of the DNC. I suppose that would mean he would not run for President in '08 if that's the case.

I know, I did it to. I jumped on this Brad and Jennifer bandwagon. And I'm going to do it again. You know about them splitting up. Now it seems as though everyone has their opinion as to why. He wanted a baby, she wanted a career, He wanted Angelina Jolie, she wants fidelity, yada yada yada...It goes on and on. It all boils down to one thing. He wants a guy, she's tired of being a "beard". There you have my opinion now. Or perhaps maybe they are just on a "break".

If you know me you know I am a huge Academy Awards nut. I know way too much about the history of the "Oscars" but that does not stop me from getting excited about it. I am currently working on my predictions of who will be nominated on the 25th and will post them as soon as I am finished. Then once the nominations are announced I will give my predictions of who will win, so stay tuned!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Did You Ever...?

DJ and I are DVD fanatics. We have almost 300 DVD's and that is not counting the sets (Angel, Buffy, Friends) So last night while watching the 6th Season of Friends for the fourth time I began to think about women's undergarments. You know the one where Phoebe is dating this guy and they decided to switch undergarments and Joey found out, so he stole a pair of Rachel's panties and wore them...Well anyway. It made me think. Have I ever wore women's underwear? Hmmmm.
Well there was that one time for Halloween...uh no just panty hose then. I actually wore my underwear. I don't recall a time that I actually wore women's panties. Oh yeah that one time when I was dating the drag queen and he thought it would be fun for us both to go out in drag. I do recall wearing women's underwear then, I think. Hey Silver do you remember? Was I wearing women's panties?

You ask, is this leading somewhere? Not really, just thinking out loud, kind of. But it poses a question. Have you ever worn the underwear of the opposite sex? If so, why and how was it?

Oh come on share...

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Honesty, Always the Best Policy

I think God was testing me yesterday. I had several chances to lie, cheat and steal and yet I chose not to. let me explain...

First at work yesterday I was allowed to leave at 2:00 due to a birthday party scheduled at 3:00 for the owner's husband (DJ's grandfather) Now I get paid on salary, not hourly and by 12:00 noon I had only three customers all day and only three phone calls, one of which was the owner and the second from DJ. So I decided to leave at 1:00 instead of 2:00. I mean what's an hour right? Plus I had that damn patch on my eye and it was really hard to work and play on the internet. Well I started feeling guilty so instead I stayed until the allotted time and left at 2:00. By leaving at one I would have cheated my employer out of an hours wage. Not that it mattered I suppose as all I did most of the day was play on the internet anyway.

Then later in the evening DJ's mother invited us to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner with them. I love BWW, it's one of my favs. We had 2 $5.00 gift certificates from a prior visit that was not too pleasant and the manager complimented us with those gift certificates. We had also received a $50 gift card for BWW from DJ's grandmother that we still had $3.95 left to use, with the $20 we had in our pockets we felt assured that $33.95 would be sufficent. We ate and drank and then paid our bill with the $20.00 bill and all the certificates. The waiter returned and told us that our gift card and certificates were sufficent for our bill and returned our $20 bill. Now our bill was $28.45, the certificates only added up to $13.95. He then told us that we still had $1.95 on the gift card. How could this be? But oh well, free meal. Again guilt set in. We left the waiter the rest in a tip. He was good. And cute too.

Then we invited DJ's sister and a couple of her friends to our place to help finish up all the liquor from New Year's Eve (that's really sad...left over liquor) On the way we decided to stop by our favorite store (Target) and buy that new DVD game called "Scene It" to play with our guests for the evening. So we ran to the ATM at Target and I tried to put our card in. It would not go, but the screen asked..."Would you like another transaction?" I was like huh? I didn't even put my card in. I then realized that someone must have left their ATM in the machine and did not cancel their last action. Meaning if I hit the NO on the screen I could have withdrawn money from the card that was in the machine, saved us quite a few bucks and even been able to buy a new pair of jeans or something. I mean they were the dumbass to leave their ATM card still in the machine right? But, no I didn't. I hit the button to complete the prior asshole's transaction, found a piece of paper and pen and wrote a note to the bank with the card telling them that the user left the card in the machine and placed the card with the note on the bank counter next to the ATM. Went back to the ATM and used my own card and withdrew my own hard earned cash.

Then today my eldest son J1 called and said he was coming over to repay the $150 loan that I gave him at Christmas. I was like, "Son, that wasn't a loan that was your christmas gift. You don't have to repay me." Again, I know honest. I could have used that $150.

So I feel better for being honest, but now I want my damn reward. Come on, something good should come of my honesty don't you think? What goes around comes around, right?

I'm still waiting.
Hello God. Honest man here awaiting his reward.

Yep, still waiting.
Okay, never mind. Just keep track okay God? That's three for me.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ahoy, Mate

Pirate talk, that's what I'm using these days if you want to know. "Shiver me timbers..." The reason for my strange vocabulary of late is due to the fact that I have a patch over my left eye. Yep, a patch. Now all I need is the parrot on my shoulder.

On Wednesday I began experiencing some minor pain in my eyes. I assumed it was strain or sinus, so I ignored it. Thursday while at the Drive thru waiting for lunch I got a searing pain in my left eye and then everything went a little dim and blurry. I sat there for a few minutes after getting my #2 with cheese, and a coke and my sight finally returned, but was still somewhat unfocused. So off to the doctor I went as I was of course thinking my MS was acting up again and I would be blind by the end of the year. (I'm really not an alarmist, Suffer from hypochondria? Well, maybe). The doctor assured me that It was not my MS, but just severe eye strain. He gave me some drops and said if it wasn't better in a few days to come back. Well, by Friday it was worse. I was really having a hard time seeing and focusing so right back to the clinic I went. This time they actually called in an eye doctor to look at it. And it was not eye strain, but apparently a tear on my cornea. How did I tear my cornea? Who knows, but it's tore. So more drops into my eye and a patch that I have to wear for the entire weekend. But that's better than loosing my eyesight. So until then "me matey's I'll be off looking fer treasure..."

On another note in the NEWS World... Today the King of rock and Roll turns 70. Elvis at 70; could you imagine that hunk of burning love? So wherever you may be Elvis Aaron Presley, Happy Birthday.
And if you haven't already heard, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have seperated. It's official they both claim that they atill have great love and admiration for one another, but they are currently seperated. Nothing being said about divorce, but I'm sure it will come soon enough.
Inspiration for the Special Olympics, Rosemary Kennedy died.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

10 Years, Where are We Now?

I just realized today while at work that 2005 will be my 10th Anniversary since I came out. Ten years! WOW, where did it go? A lot has happened in the past ten years that is for sure. Some things I prefer to forget (the whole mattress thing) and others I could never forget (like my commitment service to DJ the and trips to Atlanta, Savannah, Chicago, Indy and Florida ).
As I thought about the past ten years I also thought about the people that I have known in these past ten years. Some are gone, like Trace who died after his battle with HIV for 15 years. Some are still around, like a bad penny they keep popping up! And as some of the events of the past ten years, there are people I would like to forget ( the one night stand that I threw up all over after we had sex...) and some that will always be there, DJ, Veruca and Silver.

This picture shows some of those people. This is not a 10 year old picture, but a picture taken New Years Eve 1998. There is Veruca back row center. He and I came out together, and soon we were sleeping together. Veruca and I have been through it all. coming out to family, sharing our first place together as a gay couple, hitting the gay scene in Cincinnati. You name it we did it together. But, I learnt that friends are one thing, lovers are another. Even though our relationship has changed over the past ten years we still are close and he is one of my dearest friends.
Then there is Silver Fox (to the left of Veruca in the pic). At first he and I did not see things quite the same way...well maybe we did. We both were in love with Veruca. That caused for some intense moments. But over the past ten years he and I are closer than ever and I love him dearly. We've been through a lot together as well and I cherish his friendship.
Our group of friends was quite diverse in those days and the one who seemed to know everyone and everything was our very own Nathan Lane, the Queen of our group (he's the one front and center with the mustache in the pic) He introduced Veruca and I to all the gay bars and the gay men in the city. Even the ones to be-friend and the ones to stay away from. He was the one that actually introduced us to Silver. Talk about drama though!! It seemed to follow him, or maybe he just made it himself. Never a dull moment with him around that was for sure. Last I heard he adopted his nephew and moved to Key West and has recently moved back to Cincy.
We also had our very own "gay" Dr. Phil. (center row, first on the left) He had an opinion on everything and was always willing to share it whether we wanted it or not. Many times very good avice, but we seldomed listen to it. Maybe if I had I could have saved myself from a lot of the pain and agony I brought upon myself. He was also very active in the gay community, volunteering at the AIDS Center and working to make sure that all the gay community was registered and voted. The first time I went to the clinic to be tested for HIV it was with him. we also roomed together for awhile, but since then I've not seen him. Last I heard he was venturing into Real Estate and dungeons.
Then there were others, I call bit players like the beautiful blonde female, she had the greatest set of breasts on any woman I'd met up to that point! She also had that quick sarcastic bitchy humor that would cut a man in half if need be. My first real experience with a" fag hag". Our first Halloween party, she and I came as Adam and Eve. That was a treat!!
Then there was the little boy and his daddy boyfriend. He is the cute little latino looking thing standing next to Veruca. He was about 19 or 20 and his boyfriend (not pictured) was about 50 and a woman. (Now you know the reason why he wasn't pictured). They dated for about another year after that party and daddy found someone younger. Last I heard he had some 19 year old he brought over here from the middle east. As for the little boy he is doing well in Tennessee. Moved away and finished school and has a real boyfriend from what I've heard.
Then there was me...(center row 2nd from the left) Fresh in the gay community and wanting to make up for lost time. I mean most of our friends had been out since childhood! I was 35 (old by gay standards) and just coming out of the closet. there was so much to do (and so many to do!) I was a mess!! I went through that "queeny" phase, you know where you think you have to be like all the stereotypical queers that you've heard about or seen on TV. I was dubbed "Jack" as in Will & Grace, for a long time because of that. It was also before the gray settled in (thanks to clariol) and I was still so vain I thought everyone was talking about me and before I met DJ. I was looking for the perfect man and it took me a long time (5 years) but I finally found him. It's true what they say too, when you stop looking so hard you'll find the one. That was what happened to me. When I settled on the fact that I was destined to remain single and I quit worrying about finding a boyfriend, I met DJ.
Yeah, a lot has happened in the last ten years. A lot of fun, a lot of tears, a lot of sex(both good and bad) and many people have crossed my path. I have no regrets. It's been a good first decade of being "OUT" and I would not have changed a thing. So Happy Anniversary to ME!! I can't wait to see what the next ten years brings!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Blog of the Month

Since starting my own blog about a year ago (started with mblog who closed their service and lost my data) I've run into via the internet quite a few interesting blog brothers and sisters. I've even tried to get others to start their own blog such as my cousin out in California who started one, stopped it, started again, and quit blogging yet again. My friend Drew also started a blog, but he hasn't posted since early December. I currently have over 35 blog addresses on my favorite list. Some of which I read daily and others I read at least once a week. It is a great way to keep up on the current news events and also there are always tons of HOT GUYS! So I thought I would devote one post a month to some of my favorites.
The Blog of the month for January is one of my absolute favorites.


I read him every day and he always brings a smile and sometimes more. I've been devoted to reading him now for almost a year and the other day I finally decided to check out his photos. And if I can steal one of his catch phrases...DAYUM!!
He is funny, witty and so in touch with where I am. It is amazing how on some days I will have something on my mind at work, come home read his blog and he is writing about the very same thing. He also refers to some of the hottest guys in cyberspace, and I must admit after seeing his pictures he is one of them!! I love his pointless facts, they are truly honest and fun. So for the Blog of the Month of January...I say hat's off to one of the best blog authors out there. Thanks Nicky for sharing your humor, wit, intelligence, your daily take on life and tell your BF he is one lucky guy to have you!!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Back to Basics

Back at work after a three day Holiday and the snowstorm we had right before Christmas. Everything has melted and no problems getting into work, Damn! It's the first of the month so things are hectic here. But still time to blog. Last night DJ and I ventured into my recent past. We played D&D. Remember Dungeons & Dragons? Well a few years ago I was dating a guy named Tracy that was as addicted to D&D as I am currently addicted to SIMS. After he and I went our seperate ways I put away my D&D dice and forgot about it. While going through some boxes, DJ stumbled across the dice and asked me about them. He had never played D&D, but he is a huge fan of Fantasy Novels (Robert Jordan, etc.) so I knew he'd love D&D. I explained the basics and we began creating a charecter. He was enthralled with it, and I was enjoying seeing us being able to do something we both like together. So tomorrow we are heading to Barnes & Nobles to get the actual game and Rulebook. That is what is important in relationships, communication and mutual interest. Not that DJ and I have been having any problems, for we haven't, but me sitting for hours on the computer playing SIMS and he in the bedroom reading his fantasy novels was becoming a little old. So now we can play D&D and then play SIMS and read our fantasy novels. Back to the basics, yep it's fun.

Oh and by the way for those of you that asked about my son and his girlfriend regarding this posting...she's not.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Welcome 2005

Welcome 2005!!
Welcome to the opportunity to make some changes and adjustments. Why do we seem to always do that when a New year begins? There is not a lot of things that I really want to change other than the fact that I need to get off my ass a little more often and get out into the world again! Well that and quit smoking, get a real job and have sex at least four times a week. Then there is that whole SIMS addiction thing I have. I really need to see someone about that. But I think I'll start with one thing at a time. So I am going to log off the computer and move my ass into the living room and watch one of our new DVD's we got for Christmas. It is Episode IV of Star Wars, A New Hope. Isn't that Ironic?