Sunday, April 30, 2006

Roller Coasters of a Different Nature

This weekend was a little similar to last weekend.

Well not really, last week involved real roller coasters, you know the metal, wood, up and down hills. The kind you find in amusement parks. This weekend involved a roller coaster that is worse than the metal & wood kind. This weekend was an emotional roller coaster.

I have shared with readers before about what I call my job, which from now on I will refer to as the mental ward. I got up Saturday morning with visions of having a great day and a great weekend. DJ and I had made plans to share Saturday evening together, something I feel we do not do enough of. Then Sunday we were to meet at his grandparents to work out in their yard. You know the typical spring work detail, cutting grass, laying mulch, and planting flowers. As it turned out, that was not to be. When I arrived at work I found out that the yard detail picnic had been re-scheduled for Saturday afternoon. DJ asked if we could do that instead of what we had planned, which sent me reeling. Meanwhile, his uncle, who lives upstairs over the mental ward, came down and began making snide remarks about the way I do my work. This coming form a 43 year old high school drop-out who has never worked a day in his life that mooches EVERYTHING off his parents. Normally I would not allow him to set me off, but due to the fact I was a little upset with DJ, I exploded on him and wasted my energy and sanity on someone that is not worth a hello most of the time. Our argument escalated into an all out verbal war.

after which, I was an emotional mess. I was fine with the ignorant asshole, but the minute I left I broke down. Literally broke down emotionally to the point I had to call DJ to come and calm me down. My body starting shaking and I broke out with hives on my arms and neck.

DJ being the saint that he is, listened as I ranted and screamed at how I had to get out that job and get a life. All the while taking the blame himself. Which is not the case, but it helped me calm down and come back to "reality". We left work early and went to dinner. After dinner we went shopping and found a new game to play (get your mind out of the gutter!)

We found Settlers of Catan, The Settlers of Catan is a board game of discovery, commerce and settlement. The object of the game is to be the first to settle this remote island. You gain resources in which to build up your settlements. They include brick, wheat, wood, and ore. As you progress you advance your settlements into cities and expand boarders with roads or development cards. We played for a couple hours and then settled in for the night. The roller coaster ride was almost over.

This morning we awoke and DJ prepared homemade waffles for breakfast and then we invited Silver over to play our new game with us, which he won (beginner's luck) and then afterwards DJ and I sat and watched a new movie together. One I highly recommend by the way, Shop Girl, an adaptation of Steve Martin's nouvelle of the same name. Claire Danes, Jason Schwartzman and Steve Martin all star. Even DJ loved it, and he normally does not care for romantic comedies.

So the roller coaster slows down and comes to a stop. At least for now.

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