Monday, April 10, 2006

Just Breathe

Overall the weekend was good. We got up early Sunday morning and took the boys to breakfast and made plans to meet Silver and his son MCB for a game of putt putt. The weather was great and the boys had a good time. Even DJ I think enjoyed the afternoon. We are planning a trip to Kings Island for our next excursion.

After we took the boys home DJ and I stopped at the neighborhood Wal-Mart near the boys house and bought several (9) DVD's, Like we didn't have enough. We came home watch Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Midnight Cowboy. I enjoyed Sky Captain, as I adore Jude Law. But as I was watching Midnight Cowboy, I began to wonder why did this film 1) Get an x rating when it was first released in 1969 2) What was all the hula baloo about it 3) What kind of breathing disorder to Dustin Hoffman's character have? 4) How did it win an Academy Award for Best Picture? I mean it is a good movie, don't get me wrong, but BEST picture? Especially when it was up against movies like Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid and Hello Dolly! Anyway...

We went to bed, and about 3:00 I was having a dream that DJ and I were in bed, but the bed was ontop of this large mountain, and DJ fell out of bed, and off the side of this mountain. I screamed out his name, waking myself up, and he was having a breathing attack (this was real, not a dream.) It was so bad I almost got up and rushed him to the ER, but he finally was able to catch his breath and relax, I am not sure when I fell back asleep, but the whole episode had me pretty shaken up. We believe that DJ has a lung disorder. Both his mother and Aunt have it, and they have the same symptoms that DJ has been experiencing over the past few months. Hopefully he will take our advice and get to the doctor soon.

Tonight has been quiet after a peaceful return to work. I called my brother and wished him a Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday again, Brother) and went to therapy, came home and had dinner. DJ and I have a shower planned for later, (you know a hot shower helps with the breathing....) So I must get my SIMS2 in before he gets back home...

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