Friday, April 21, 2006

Making Changes

Change is difficult, but necessary. It is also something I do not do very well, but a change is needed. I finally gave my 30 days at work. June 1st, I walk out. Regardless if I have another job or not. Crazy I know, but I can no longer deal with my job. When I got this job I had been laid off for almost a year and a half and DJ's grandparents needed someone part-time, so I jumped at the opportunity. Needless to say the part-time position was never part time. It was 6 days a week, 46 hours a week with a fairly comparable income to what I had previous. That didn't bother me either. What I didn't know was that I would be working for one of the most rude, crass, negative, just plain CRAZY women I have ever meant. Seriously this woman is a loon. Not to mention her socially inept, loser son that lives in an apartment over the office. The mental and emotional trauma is more than I can bare.

DJ's grandfather in his prime, was I am sure a very successful business man. Now he has had brain surgery, due to diabetes which continues to ravage his body. He is still trying to "run" the business but at this point he is not physically or mentally able. He allows his wife and son to control most everything. Sadly this has proved disastrous as in the two years I have been with them they have lost two real estate holdings, and several customers. She has no business sense and certainly has no customer service sense. This loss is wearing on the entire family, and on DJ's grandmother to the point where she is even nastier than normal. And nothing can be done. Even thought DJ's mother is the "CEO" she has no authority or power other than to sign checks. All decision have to go through "Attilla the Hun". Wrong move.

The family feels that even their "legal advisor" is swindling them but they continue to follow his advice as they fall deeper and deeper into debt and financial disaster. So instead of being part of the problem I've decided to become a solution. At least for myself and get out. If I do not walk away now, within a few months or a year I will not have a job to go to anyway, so get out while the getting is good I say. But with no job in sight and DJ drawing unemployment it probably wasn't the best time for a change. But it has to be done, because not only is it effecting me mentally and emotionally it is also effecting Mine and DJ's relationship, which I promised myself I would not allow to happen.

Bottom line or the moral to all of this? Never work for family. Yours or your partners.

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