Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Knowing Love

Today is my father's 67th birthday. Dad is a unique person, but then again, aren't we all. But he is special because he is my dad. I never had to doubt my father's love and affection. He always made sure that we knew that he loved us. Not just in words but in his actions, even when punishing us. Every night regardless of the days events he would always give us a hug or kiss and tell us that he loved us before going to bed. As a kid we thought it was corny, but now that I'm grown with kids of my own, and grandkids on the way I realize just how much that meant to me. Even when my life turned upside down and sideways, I knew Dad loved me. He may not agree or even understand, but he loves me.

So make sure if you have kids that they know that. Not just in your words, but in your actions and deeds. In today's world kids need that assurance.

Thanks Dad for always loving me, and Happy Birthday.

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