Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fools Ignorance

I can't think of a good April's Fools joke, so how about we just talk about foolish people.

There are a lot of things that are foolish, and there are a lot of foolish things that people do that annoy me. Mainly because it's just plain ignorance on their part.

Like walk across the middle of a four lane road in heavy traffic, when there is a cross walk not ten feet away. Go to the damn corner wait for the traffic lights to change and use the damn walk light. Don't walk out in the middle of the road and expect people to move or stop for you. Because the next time it happens, I'm going to hit your ass. You ignorant fool!

Then there are those phone calls at work when someone asks you for a service and you no longer have that service, or you are temporarily out of what they need...For example...

"Hi I was calling to see if you had any car rentals available?"
"No, sorry we will not have anything until Monday."
"So you don't have anything?"
"No, sorry not until Monday."
"So you have nothing for today? What about Sunday?"
"I have nothing until Monday."
"So nothing for tomorrow?"

See, they don't understand the meaning of NO. Ignorance. Next time you call and ask and ask and ask, I am going to ask you if you know the meaning of no. Your ignorant fool!

Or those callers you get at home.

"Is Brandy there?"
"Sorry there is no Brandy here, you must have the wrong number."
"Oh, okay but is Brandy there?"

Then there are those people that drive like lunatics, speeding in and out of traffic, passing and cutting other drivers off, and then you see a child STANDING UP in the back seat of the car! IGNORANCE. If your going to drive like that and you don't care about the safety of the other drivers or yourself, could you at least be concerned about the child you have in the car that is not in a child restraint seat. Is your name Britney Spears or what? You don't deserve children. You are an ignorant fool.

And don't even get me started on the drivers that insist on driving while talking on the phone, smoking a cigarette and putting on makeup all at the same time. You have two hands, at least one of them should be on the wheel. And if not then pull over and do your personal business while the car is parked.

Then there is that whole spring ahead thing tonight, where we lose an hour of sleep...
Oh the list could go on and on but the more I think about it the more upset I become. And that's just being foolish.

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