Saturday, April 22, 2006

Roller Coasters, Attractions & Sunglasses

Today I checked my e-mail and after only one day on, I've received three e-mails confirming that my resume has been read and that I will be receiving either a phone call or an e-mail to set up an interview. Sounds good to me! Keep my fingers crossed.

We (we being, my two youngest sons, DJ's sister and cousin, DJ and myself) are heading to King's Island Amusement Park today. Now I'm not a roller coaster fan. I actually will not go within ten feet of the line to the ride. So I am resigned to ride, attractions such as these. Now family rides are fun and enjoyable, and there is not much chance for major nerve, or muscle damage. Chances of getting whiplash are minimal. The problem with that is, well everyone but myself would prefer THESE attractions. Which means I usually ride my choice of rides alone, while the rest of the party stand in hour long lines waiting to take the chance to loose bladder control. I can get four or five rides completed while they are still waiting in line for the BEAST or DROP ZONE. (Drop Zone...Why go 315 feet in the air to be dropped straight down at 61 MPH??? Why?)

But my boys are excited about the trip and DJ loves the place, so I am sure we will all have fun. I too am actually looking forward to it. I bought some new sunglasses a few weeks ago that are reflective so that I can check out any guy in the park I want, on any part of his body and he or no one else will know what I am watching.

I love amusement parks....

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