Tuesday, April 11, 2006

As the World Turns

No this is not a post about the Soap Opera, even though some say our lives are soap operas, but this is a post about my daughter, the Princess. As most of you know by now if you read my blog, Princess and AH are expecting a baby in August. It seemed as though things were finally working out for them. He had gotten a good job, as did she; they found a nice three bedroom home at a reasonable price with a roommate to help out with the finances and their relationship was finally heading in a better direction than what it has for the past four previous years. Then came the phone call...

"Daddy...??" She was distraught, almost unable to speak.
"What is it? Is everything okay?"
"They fired me daddy, I lost my job."

Yeah, she was "let go". Apparently she was told that the company was moving in a different direction and it didn't include her. She has been with this company for a little over a year, and has run this office herself for the past 8 months, pregnant, morning sickness and all.

I finally tried calming her down by making her see the good side of the situation. She can draw unemployment, have the baby and stay home with her new baby and not have to go back to work as soon as she was going to have to. Even though she will only bring home 60% of her wage, it will still be the same amount of bring home pay, due to not having to pay for her insurance through work. She can apply for assistance until the baby is born and then look for new work. That seemed to settle her down, but she was still pretty upset.

Having the same thing happen to me a few years back, I can understand what she is feeling and sympathize. Now add that with raging hormones gone wild and you have what she is experiencing.

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