Sunday, April 23, 2006

Barefoot in the Park

Well, here it is Sunday evening again, waiting for the Monday morning blues to set in, which they will about 8:30 tomorrow morning. But until then...

The weekend was great. Great weather, great kids, great fun and just great. As posted on my blog earlier, we visited King's Island Amusement park. Here is us at the entrance at the beginning of the day. See we all looked rested and ready to go. Walk the miles around the park, stand in the long lines to ride the 32 second rides, pay exuberant prices for food and drinks, only to leave a few hours later exhausted and irritated. Amazing what we humans due for fun and relaxation isn't it? But we did have fun. I got to ride my favorite ride twice! And the second time I even rode in the first compartment, which made the ride totally different. Of course DJ and the kids went on their thrill rides (those that were operating) as I got to scan the park for ...Well you know, a quiet relaxing place to sit and relax. Well yesterday was not a good day for finding the perfect place to sit and relax...There was only about four hot guys in the entire park and one of those was DJ and another was myself. One that I missed was alone and had a T-shirt on that read, "Ok, you'll do." DJ told me about him after he was out of my line of sight.

The other I ogled while DJ and the kids were riding TOP GUN, and he really wasn't all that. But he has great biceps, don't ya think? DJ didn't think he was all that hot, but thankfully for me he likes them a little older. This guy was pretty cute though, and he kept walking closer towards me, even though I KNOW he knew I was talking his picture. He was also free of any body hair. Legs, arms, hands, chest and face, all shaven and smooth. Now his girlfriend on the other hand, she needed to be introduced to Lady Bic.
And if you look closely at the crotch area....

But that was it, the rest of the guys looked like that had just stepped out of Appalachia, cashed in their empty aluminum cans that they had been saving for three years just to purchase their entrance price. Not to mention the Britney Spears/K-Fed look-alikes that seemed to follow us around the park. I think he had a tattoo on his nipple. Now don't get me wrong tattoos can be hot, but not on a 5'8", bean pole on sticks, whose belly was bigger than mine, with his arm around a bleached blonde, wearing a tube top that showed her belly, which looked like it had just released their love spawn. I swear, her tummy sagged like a fresh gastro-bypass patient. And neither were wearing shoes. Not sure why, but they were shoeless. It was scary.
Maybe it was due to still being off season for not having hotter patrons, I know it wasn't because of the low prices, as it now costs, $42.99 a person to get in which is outrageous, but I was disappointed. At the sights that is, other than that we had a great afternoon at the park.

Today we took the boys back home then went to Momma D's for dinner. Our first grilled hot dogs and hamburgers of the season. Then back home where we watched The Devil's Advocate, (strange movie). Well the Monday blues are beckoning for me, so I must take my leave and see what tomorrow is going to bring.

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