Tuesday, April 18, 2006

To Post or Not to Post

Yeah, it's almost been a week since I've posted, but then again not a whole lot has been going on. Sometimes I think in order to post I have to have something exciting happening, or some witty observation, but I suppose that is not necessary.

DJ and I are doing well, other than the fact that he spends more time with his family than he does me, but I'm used to that by now. Ever since we haved moved closer to them it seems that he spends all of his extra time with them. Which is good, I mean we all need our family and his grandparents are getting older and he should spend time with them. I wish I would spend more time with my family. But it's a choice you have to make. Hell, I don't even spend time with my friends anymore.

Princess is doing very well since her loss of her job. She is looking at the positive side of the situation and going to enjoy her time off and her pregnancy. It sounds like the baby's dady AH is also finally growing up a little bit, maybe it will work out for them afterall, I certainly hope so. You have dreams and hopes for your children, and want them to make the best of their life. When according to your opinion, they fall from that goal YOU have set for them it makes you worry. But Princess knows what she is doing, and she is a strong girl. I know things will work out for her. Regardless of what happens she will never know how proud I am of her.

Work is horrible. I so wish I could find something else. It's not that work is hard, as it is not at all, but mentally and emotionally I am at the end of my rope when it comes to work. You can only take so much of the drama that goes on here. It's every day, something. DJ's grandmother needs to retire, but she refuses to, and the mistakes she is making are costing the business, but no one sees that or wants to do anything about it. I've complained until I'm blue in the face, but again no one seems to care. I've made a goal for myself. Come June if things have not changed I am hitting the pavement and the want ads and finding something else. I have to for my own emotional well being.

Well enough of all of that. I will try and get a posting in before next week. The boys are coming down this weekend and we are making plans to go to King's Island Saturday with Silver and his son MCB. So I am sure I will have something to share.

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aka "AH" said...

Hi dad thanks for the vote of confidence and understanding. I am sure that your princess and "Lala" will love you forever and always, and that I am definetly going to have to grow UP! So dont worry, life will be good for your girls.

- the proud new daddy AH