Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Vacation Time

No, I'm not going on vacation, but I need one, BADLY. It's been a while since we actually took a vacation (last April when we went to St. Louis, we did go camping back in Sept. but that was a week off not really a vacation). I want to go someplace warm and away from work and family. Not so much my family as DJ's family.

I love them, dearly, but I work with his grandmother EVERY FUCKING DAY, and I really do not want to spend my time off with her as well, which we do quite a bit. DJ's mom, I love her and can spend time with her, his sister's are great, but his grandmother makes me want to...Well ...pull all of my hair out and shove it down her mouth! The woman NEVER shuts up, from the time she arrives at work (and sometimes before, as she calls to let me know she is on her way) Until she leaves. And she talks about NOTHING. But she knows EVERYTHING. And if she isn't bitching or complaining about something her conversation is mostly just nonsense. We all talk to ourselves in our heads, right? She does it out loud. The woman will be talking when she is buried, I guarantee it! Someone get me out of here and FAST!. I found this web site, this is her, I now know why she never shuts the fuck up!

Maybe it's not a vacation I need, maybe it's a new job. Anyone have any openings?

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