Sunday, March 19, 2006


That's the most recent diagnosis I have received from my doctors. And just what is CSF? CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME.
Never heard of it? You are not the only one. I hadn't either. When he told me what he suspected I had my first response was, but I'm not fatigued? When I think fatigued I think worn out, exhausted, ready to collapse. But that's not the case. He said that 60% of most MS patients also suffer from CFS. There is really nothing that will cure the problem, but they can deal with some of the symptoms. One of which is vitamin supplements, which he has started me on, and light physical therapy which I will begin once a week, starting next week.

As for the MS, due to my recent bought with the bronchitis, sinusitis, kidney and bladder infections, of course it is flaring it's ugly head too. But I do return to work Monday after five days off, doctor ordered. But as you can see from this posting at 1:30 a.m. I will probably be fatigued all day tomorrow.

But at least I'm functioning fairly normal and as of now, nothing is life threatening, unlike my cousin BJ, who suffered a heart attack last week at 42. She is doing well and has returned home already after having a stint put in one of her arteries.

All I know is that I am tired of getting these INITALS. It's time for somone else to take a letter or two!

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