Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No End in Sight

I am really tired of being sick. This has now continued into a second week. I found out why yesterday. I went to the doctor after getting up and not being able to stand upright due to extreme pain in my back and legs. I called the doctor and they were able to get me in for a check up and hopefully one of those shots to numb the pain.

I didn't get the shot to numb the pain but was told that 1) I was suffering from exhaustion 2) I was mildly dehydrated 3) I had sinusitis 4) bronchitis which could lead to pneumonia 5) I had a kidney infection and 6) that I needed to be hospitalized. After arguing with him for a little over five minutes I was able to avoid a hospital stay by promising him I would go home and go to bed for the next two days and come back Friday for a check up, which if I am not better I promised him that then I would be admitted. So Here I am. Home. Sick in bed while DJ works for me. (I have one fantastic husband!) SO friends if you are wondering why I haven't called or you haven't heard from me in the past week, that is why.

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