Saturday, March 25, 2006

Aquatics, Chicken, & Monogamous Gay Couples!

I know, the title is sure to get me some lame hits from search engines! But oh well!
A day off, and my first day of therapy. DJ worked for me today and I went to the Mercy Health Plex for my first therapy appointment. 15 years diagnosed with MS and this is the first time I've been scheduled by my doctor for any type of therapy. Aquatic therapy no-less, with a male therapist. But don't get all excited he was, well let's just say not what you'd think a therapist should look like, or be in the shape he was! But I did get a good workout (in the pool you nasty boys!) and I go again in a week or so.

Then this evening we had Mama D over for dinner, as her husband is in Florida for the week due to work (yeah, ain't that a shame, Florida for a week!) So DJ fixed homemade battered fried chicken!! Yes I LOVE chicken! But other than that, nothing major or exciting happened so far this weekend. Oh, I did buy "Crash" today and plan on watching it tomorrow night, so look forward to my review of the movie that beat Brokeback! Until then skip over to my other blog and check out my latest postings regarding my 50 favorite actresses of all time!


PS. I haven't done this for a while, but go over and see these guys, The NorthWoods Guys. These two guys are awesome and so is their site. A gay monogamous couple (like DJ and I) and Christians. You will love their site, one click and you are hooked! Thanks for sharing Warren & Steve, you are a daily read!

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