Thursday, March 30, 2006

Recognition: I Can Never Get Enough!

It is absolutely beautiful today. By far the best day of the year so far, for 2006. It's 74 degrees outside, a slight breeze, sunshine and very few clouds. I am sure it will not last long so I am going to enjoy it while I can.

I got recognized today!!
Not on the street or anything, but on the web. I have now been added to the Best Gay Blogs Directory!! I am now listed as one of the BEST GAY BLOGS!! WOO HOO! I'm excited. Check this site out, it has great links to gay blogs all over the country, some that are almost as good as mine! Recognition is a good thing. I like recognition.
Actually I just like being the center of attention. If I'm not, I move on. Just kidding, but I was like that at one time. It had to be ALL ABOUT ME. Thank goodness I got over that, well most of it anyway. I am still just a wee bit self centered, but we have to be sometimes, right? I mean if we don't think of ourselves, who will?

I had another one of those strange freak dreams last night. Actually two nights in a row, the same dream. I am standing on a street looking down this dark alley and I start walking into the alley, and BAM!!! I am shot. I see a flash of light and then feel something extremely hot hit my right arm and then pain. I lay there screaming for help and no one is around. Then I wake up. I have no idea who it is that is shooting me in my dream or even where I am, as nothing looks familiar. I hate dreams like that, especially if they are recurring ones. Maybe it's all part of wanting attention?? Could it be?

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Scotty said...

It is one of my faav sites. There is always something good to read there and lots of site are highlighted each week. I am still hoping for my