Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Murder in the Afternoon

Cincinnati is getting worse. I'm talking about the crime, mainly homicides. Just less than two hours ago, in the middle of the afternoon at a major busy intersection another man was shot and killed. His covered body was plastered across all the area news channels within minutes.

We are already ahead of last years homicides at this time and there is no change in sight. The police are outraged, the community is outraged but it seems no one is really doing anything about it.
Sometimes I do not know what is worse, the murders or the way the news reports it. Today in the middle of the afternoon, the entire Cincinnati News reports were reporting the murder showing the murdered man laying in the middle of the street with a blanket laid over him. What must his family be feeling? Knowing that, that is their son, father, husband laying there in the middle of the street with his life's blood flowing from him?

The crime in this city is escalating and more and more people are unsafe. This incident happened in a bank parking lot near an ATM. Of course there is nothing being said as to what motivated this crime, but I'm sure the 4:00 news will give us all the bloody details.

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