Friday, May 27, 2005


Well I have reached the 25,000 mark. I have had 25,000 hits on my blog. Now some would feel this was a milestone in their blogging history, but I do not see it that way. Six months ago, yeah I would have been ecstatic. But that was before I posted a picture of Chris Evans (don't look, it's been removed). Since I posted that picture I have received anywhere from 300 to a 1000 hits a day. Why you ask? Well google Chris Evans and then check for his images. Low and behold guess what picture is the very first one? Yep, the one I posted on my site, sending me hits galore onto my site. I've removed that particular posting and the picture, but google still has it up. So therefore I still get hits for it.

I know that people are not coming to my blog in droves, as I am not that interesting, and my blog is even worse. I even wonder if anyone even reads it anymore. That was why a few weeks ago I was going to stop posting. Some of my avid readers who used to have me on their list of blogs have removed me, so I'm not getting those hits anymore either. But having a blog is not about how many hits I get a week, or even how many people read it, or post comments. It's about me expressing myself. So I will continue to post my lackluster entries and smile when I see that I've reached 100,000 hits, because in reality (that what this is about right, checking my reality?) I know that hit counter over on the right hand side is a farce.

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