Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Road Rage; The Reasons

On the way to work this morning I met up with my biggest pet peeve. The car in front of me, driven by a 30ish aged female, talking on her cell phone. Now not only was she driving and holding her cell phone in one hand, she was also applying lipstick. How she was steering the car, I have no idea. She went to the left, then to the right, weaving in the lane, most of the time not even in the lane. She would slow down to about 10 mph then speed up to the limit of 35. While driving through a school zone (which is 20 mph) she sped up to 40??? Driving in a residential area on a two lane avenue, I was unable to go around her. So I was destined to arrive at work this morning totally frustrated. At one point she went right through a red light, and was totally oblivious to the traffic signal, and just kept right on talking to that other person on the other end of the cell phone, that was probably also driving.

When I did finally arrive at work, guess who pulled in five minutes later. Yeah you guessed it. She was an employee of the local phone company. A field representative. She was to meet the owners of my place of employment. She "missed" her turn, she said. When she walked in (still talking on the cell phone by the way) I just had to ask...
So if you have an accident while talking on that cell phone and driving, does the company reimburse you?


Dave said...

Love ya... you are too funny. I believe that really happened. Try living in La honey!

I have a new blog. Yeah I'm going to try it one more time, check it out!


Dave said...

DUH...here is the link: