Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cruises Make Me Smile

Enough of the drama, murder and mayhem that have garnered my postings the last few days. We need to jump to the lighter side of things, what do you say?

Well this from defamer did it for me!!

Too Funny!! What is so funny is that is probably what was really being said!!

But regardless of who he dates, He still looks good, don't you agree?

And not that I laughed at Jamie, but he does bring a smile to my face. If you have not checked out his blog "Trick a Kiss in Time" YOU HAVE TO!! He is so real and totally out there. I swear if I was single and DJ was not in my life I would so cruise up to Washington and marry this guy! Who cares that he is obsessive about toothpaste stains in his sink and that he is very communicative with his hands. Come on tell the truth, we are all like that now aren't we? I bet Tom is.

Some other good news made me smile today too. It seems due to the negotiations with DJ's employer and the Union, he will not have to go part-time. He will keep his full-time status, continue with the raise increases, and keep his free insurance coverage, at least for a year. Now that should make anyone smile. It did me. That means we may still get to go to Hawaii and possibly a Disney Cruise next year. Yes, I said Disney Cruise. Not that I am a freak about Disney like some one else I know, but it's a cruise (not a tom cruise, but a ship cruise) that not only DJ and I would enjoy, but my two younger sons can also go with us (at a very high price I may add, but hey it's Disney). So things are looking up. We are just crusing along...

I know, the whole cruise thing is a little lame. Forgive me this one time, okay?

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Drew said...

Should I forgive you for the "lame" part, or the "freak" part? :-) And, just so we're ALL clear...AHEM...I wanna be...where the people are...I wanna see...wanna see them dancing....