Thursday, May 05, 2005

Jingle Me This

Jingles are catchy. That's why they make them. Advertisers started this ions ago. One I remember real well as a kid was...
"Winstons taste good like a cigarette should"

That was before they banned cigarette commercials. Now you know how old I really am. The funny thing about jingles is the just pop up in your head. Like this morning. I woke up with the old McDonald's jingle in my head; "McDonald's is your kinda place"
But for the life of me I can not remember how it went other than that first line. I remember the jingle the kids made up from it...

McDonald's is your kinda place
Hamburgers in your face
French Fries between your toes
Pickles up your nose
Milkshakes down your back, I want my money back
McDonald's is your kinda place.

But the real jingle has been erased from my mind. Anyone remember it?

One more thing about jingles. You know your old when your favorite songs in high school now sound like car commercials. Then you realize they are the same songs.

Okay, back to work, enough of this. But I do think I'm going to have McDonald's for lunch today.

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