Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Glass of Wine Before Bed

Memorial Day is a time to remember those that have gone before us. I've been thinking about Aunt H. lately. My great Aunt was an awesome lady. She was just pure. Real, actually a good word for her is Noble. Her hair always was neatly pulled back into a bun and she was always neatly dressed but not over accentuated. A dainty woman, but not weak in the least. A very strong woman. Strong in morals, values and her opinion. Though it was her opinion and she never forced her opinion on anyone, but there was never a question as to what she thought of a subject, because her life showed you. She was also a very proud woman, but not in the sense were she was egotistical. She was proud of who she was, of what her children had accomplished and how she lived her life. And she gave all the credit to the one she lived her life for, Jesus Christ. Yes, she was very religious, but not in a hypocritical or pushy way. She lived the way she lived for herself and for her beliefs and never tried to force it down others.

She lived a very long healthy life. I remember asking her once what she attributed to her health and longevity. "I have one glass of wine every night after prayers and before bed." was her response.

I've never tried that, so this weekend I thought, Why not. She lived a long life, over 90 years and was a very healthy lady up until she passed. So for the Memorial Day Party that Momma D had on Saturday I stopped at the local wine store and bought a gallon of white wine.

I don't think trying to make up for 44 years of a nightly glass of wine can be done in one night. I also don't think an entire gallon of wine in one night is quite as healthy as just a glass before bed. And I know that Aunt H would not have condoned my antics Saturday night at the party after consuming that much wine. I can hear her very clearly and all I hear is one word....


One other thing, I don't think I can have a glass of wine before going to bed tonight.

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