Tuesday, May 24, 2005

High School Heroics

After all the killings and shootings in the Cincinnati Tri-State area over the past several months, good news stories are refreshing. Especially when heroics are involved, and even more so when the hero happens to be a High School student.

While working with a mentoring program, a local high school boy, Andy Theis saved one of his mentees, a four year old girl, from being abducted. A man came up to them and snatched the girl from the High School student, during a play session at the school, and the boy fought back, taking a punch in the face to save the little girl. Read about it here. One of the comments afterwards from one of the teachers was,-- "I think those who saw it, the little preschoolers, in their mind he's like a Spiderman. He can move mountains." --

It's good to know that even in these times, young people still value life and the saftey of others, sometimes over their own. He may not be Spiderman, but a hero doesn't always need a costume and special abilities. Hats Off to Andy, our local hero.

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