Wednesday, May 18, 2005


After numerous e-mails, comments and a few phone calls I have decided to keep blogging. However I am sure that my posts will not be as frequent and probably just as boring as always.

I guess it worked for Arrested Development, so why not here. Thanks to everyone who has sent e-mails and for the comments. I will continue to bore you with my everyday life, at least for a while.

So for those of you that couldn't bear to see me leave, here it goes...

Why is it when things are going so well that everything seems to crash? What am I talking about? Let me share, will you?
For five years DJ and I have been struggling financially. Not to the extent that we are starving, but we just have enough to pay the bills and occasionally go out or take a trip. Two years into our relationship I lost my job at a local law firm. One of the best jobs, and best paying jobs I ever had. Needless to say that put us in a crunch. So now almost three years later I'm finally back at the rate of pay I was then, and he has a good job, great benefits, lalalalala...Then comes the crash.
His company and the union decide it's time to strike. So for three days they were in negotiations to stop the strike. They came to an agreement. But this really is not going to help DJ, because he will have to go to 20 hours the end of the month. So he is out looking for work, again.

I say why don't we sell everything we have, leave this city and start over fresh. But I hate to loose my job right now.
So we stay.
We pinch pennies yet again longer, and we survive.
We always do. Maybe not in the way we want, but we will get by.

My oldest son J1 has come back into my life recently. We did not see one another very often in the last few years, but now he seems to have adjusted to my lifestyle and he is coming around more often. He and his fiance were here Saturday for dinner, and shared with me they put a bid in on a house. It sounds like he is doing fine, and both he and the fiance look great. When I asked when was the wedding she says..."Soon" he just smiles and shakes his head.

Well that's it for today. Not much else going on. Will post again in a few, and thanks again to everyone that let me know they want me to continue. I really felt that no one was reading and I was just spinning my wheels here. I may be, but at least I now know that I have a few that are spinning with me.

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S. in Ga. said...

Michael, Thank you for staying in the blog world. I read your blog every chance I can. I enjoy your look on things and where you've come from since coming out. Keep up the good blog!