Monday, May 23, 2005

By the Light of the Silvery Moon.

Nothing went my way today. I got up in time for work, but once I got there, I couldn't do anything until the computers came up. Apparently there was a power outage on Sunday and was still out this morning.

Had a little stomach problem so I decided that Pepto-Bismal was my cure. They now make Pepto in caplet form. One thing about them though. They are to be swallowed, not chewed.

Came home and did my usual routine, E-mail, SIMS2 and of course the bathroom (by the way, the pepto doesn't work as well if you chew it. ) DJ was to get off work early so I could pick him up when he called. We have a headlight out, so I didn't want to drive in the dark, hence the reason for him to get out early. Silver Fox called and after his call apparently I didn't turn the phone off, went to take the garbage out and the wind blew the door shut on me. Locked. The key inside. I didn't realize until 45 minutes later when I managed to get back into the house that the phone had not been turned on, and DJ had tried to call. He got off early. But I was locked out of the house and the phone was turned off, so I never got the messages. He was just a little upset.

I finally realized the reason for all my misadventures today.

Full Moon.
Good thing I'm not a werewolf.

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Graham said...

So if not a werewolf, maybe a vampire?