Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Just Another Reason

There are several reasons that DJ and I are wanting to look for another place to live. One is the neighborhood. Not necessarily where we actually live but the surrounding area. The crime rate has increased dramatically over the past several months, including a shooting of a clerk at the AUTO ZONE just up the road from us. The price is also ridiculous as we are now finding homes for rent at the price we are paying for an apartment. One of the big reasons is that we both want to move closer to our parents. Our parents live within 10 minutes of one another, so ideally it would be great to find somewhere between the two. My parents are getting older and it would be nice to live closer. He is very close to his family and we do a lot of things with them, so living closer to them would be beneficial. But after tonight we have one more reason.

I was sitting in the study, playing SIMS2 of course and DJ was fixing dinner when we heard police sirens that sounded like they were in our front yard. We both ran to the front, and low and behold it was police cars in our front lawn. They were in pursuit of the man driving a small Toyota pickup truck that left his car running, in our yard, jumped our fence and was heading off to who knows where. Fortunately the police apprehended the guy and I got to hear the Miranda rights given to him. (I'd only heard them on TV prior to this). Our front yard will probably be on the 11:00 o'clock new tonight. So of course we had to call both our mothers to alert them that even though our house was on TV we were fine.

After everything was cleared out of our yard, DJ and I began to think about the situation. If the guy didn't throw his car into park when he jumped out of it, very likely his Toyota would have been in our living room. Also where he jumped the fence was less than 4 feet from our side porch. What if he decided to come into our house, and had a gun? A possible hostage situation?

Yeah, we need to move.

On a lighter note, DJ's employer has stalled a strike, by agreeing to terms that the Union has offered. The contract was up at 11:59 Saturday night, but they and the union continued negotiations until yesterday. An agreement was met at 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning. What does that mean to DJ? Well he will still have to go on part-time, but there is a small chance that he may miss the cut. So we are keeping our fingers crossed on that one.

Planning a big dinner on Saturday evening with my boys, some friends, and DJ's mother and step-father. DJ is cooking a turkey and having all the "thanksgiving" entrees along with it. Then afterwards we plan to get into a long D&D game.

So until the next time, keep your doors locked. You just never know who might decide to drop by.

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