Monday, May 30, 2005

Love Diet

Remember when you were trying to find that special someone? You wanted to look your best when you were on the prowl, and weight was something you just COULD NOT have. So you scrimped and dieted like crazy to look in top form so that some roving eye would catch your hot bod and you would make that ultimate love connection.

Well there is a new report out that states that the Love Diet works. One problem though. Just as most diets or fads, it doesn't last. Once you find that love that is missing in your life, the weight reappears. Studies show that most couples after being together after one year have kept the weight off, by year two between the two of them they have gained 12 pounds. By year five they will have gained a total of 22 pounds combined. If they are lucky and blessed and don't mind the extra weight on their beloved, they will have gained on an average of 52 pounds between the two of them!! WOW!

So I guess what they are saying is that love doesn't always mean the best for your health. At that rate after 25 years of a relationship, each person would gain over a 100 pounds each. So what do you do to combat the battle of the love bulge?

Stay Single.

Now me, I'd prefer to be fat and in love than to be skinny and unhappy. What about you?

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