Saturday, March 26, 2005

Looking Toward the Future

I am SO looking forward to my day off tomorrow! This has been a week from hell. Well except for sharing my anniversary of course. I was in a funk the first part of the week. You know what I mean. BLAH. Not wanting to talk to anyone or do anything. I was depressed and vile.

Wednesday I went and picked up my youngest son AT from his sister's where he had spent the first part of his spring vacation. I had dinner with my princess and DJ and AT and I met our "grand-child". No she didn't have a baby, she bought a dog. His name is Petey, and he is a a replica of Paris Hilton's new boy toy. (I love his blog by the way...PINK is the new Blog is fantastic!) Petey comes complete with his own wardrobe and goes everywhere with Princess and her BF A-Hole.

Thursday was quiet and my other son J2 got here and from there the week went into sour mode. Friday I got into a major yelling match with my employer, threw the office keys to her and walked out. But my boys were there to calm me down and make me realize I needed the job, and go back in. (They enjoy those bi-weekly child support checks I guess,)

But I've had it with work. I'm done. I've been there over a year, and I have not had a day off since. Well unless you count the day I laid in bed all day puking my guts out, or the day I had to go to the hospital to visit my son in the ER. Monday thru Saturday. Six days a week, for almost 400 days. Not to mention I do nothing right, or the way SHE wants it done. Plus the fact that I have to clean up after 9 cats and her useless 41 year old son. I put a garbage can outside for him to place his daily trash into. What does he do? he sits the bag of garbage NEXT TO THE CAN!!!
So when I arrive to work the next morning it is all over the front of the office, and customers have to walk through it to get into the door. I told her I refuse to clean it up, anymore. Period. Fuck him. He has never worked a day in his life and treats her and the entire family like THEY are the ones with a problem. Talks to his mother like she is shit underneath his toenails. I refuse to do it anymore. So my long awaited, deserved vacation is April 11 and I WILL be looking for a new place of employment.

Enough of that. Today I took my sons back home, met with my oldest son J1 and his girlfriend and took pleasure in knowing that my children have all turned out pretty damn good. (Very little help from me I may add). So tomorrow? A day off... what will I do?

I think I hear the theme from SIMS2 University in my head...

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