Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Few Good Men

Going to the Broadway Series tonight with Silver Fox to see "Big River". It has been several years since my last visit to the Aronoff Center to watch a play. The last was in 1999 when Phantom of the Opera was in town. I was with Silver that night too. But he was with Veruca then, and I found a lame date to take with me. One of Silver's friends. It seemed I dated a lot of his friends back then. There was the guy that night, "Big Hair Skinny Guy". I call him that because his hair had not yet made it into the 1990's yet, he was still sporting that 80's look.

Then there was T, I dated him about 10 months. I met him through Silver as well. I think Silver had a thing for his ex at one time. Anyway, he and I parted ways the weekend Princess Di was killed. After him I dated another one of Silver's friends, "Teach". he was a High School French teacher, and a very great guy, it just wasn't working for me though. At the time he was not out and he would only take me out with him when we were not in his town. I understood that, but it was too much for me.

I think that was all of Silver's friends that I actually dated. Now I do think I slept with some others, but I don't remember too much about them if I did. One I thing I did finally learn, but maybe a bit late. Never date a friend of a friend. It never goes well. After those episodes, I started finding my own friends to date.

Think badly of me? Listen before you pass judgment, Cincinnati is not that big of a city and, even fewer available gay men. Most of which I will see tonight at the show.


Jeff said...

Do report back on Big River. I've seen a few scenes of the Deaf West production (the integration of sign language is fascinating), and can't wait to see the whole show when it comes to town.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks for going to the show tonight, babe! Had a great time! Rebel Prince, the show was outstanding! It was very seemless integrating ASL into the production, and the actors were phenominal. I mentioned to Michael on the back to his house that the most powerful part of the evening for me was when the chorus finished a song in complete silence, only using sign language. You really could've heard a pin drop in the sold out theater. For those of us who are blessed with hearing, it can make us think twice about things we take for granted.