Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Fact & Fiction

It seems as though the Vatican is having a bit of a problem with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Now that the best selling novel is making it's way to the big screen, the Catholic Church is not happy. Do they really think this is the first time that the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene relationship has been brought into question? I read Daughter of God in 2000, three years before Dan Brown's novel.

Their reasons (or so they say) are that people will believe this story and in their words..."destroying Catholics' religious faith". Maybe they should worry more about their pedophile priests. And if I recall when I purchased my copy of one of the best books I've ever read (The Da Vinci Code) I found it in the aisle marked FICTION.

As posted yesterday, I went to the theater last night with Silver Fox to see Big River. I must say, I was enthralled. This production by Deaf West, was one of the best I've seen. It is based on Mark Twain's fictional book, Huckleberry Finn, set to music. But that's not the best part of it. Most of the cast are deaf or hearing impaired. The sign language is part of the production, as each actor signs their lines, including their songs. At first it was a little hard to follow as the voice of some of the main characters were off stage, or being spoken by someone else. But within a few short minutes you are so wrapped up in the acting, and the music that you don't even notice anymore. We were able to see the Opening Night performance here in Cincinnati, and it closed with a well deserved standing ovation. The acting, the music, and the flow of the production was outstanding.
Most notable is David Aron Damane, whose deep, rich voice rumbles feelingly through the exultant "Free at Last." He also combines harmonies with Adam Monley, who supplies the voice for Huck on "River in the Rain," "Muddy Water" and "Worlds Apart."
I would recommend to see this show when it comes to your town.

Also, get your own copy of the Da Vinci Code in bookstores (including some Catholic bookstores)near you. You will find it in the Fiction section.

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