Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Smart Button

Several months ago I joined a Book Club. InsightOut books to be exact. In my initial sign up I received five books for $1.00 with a promise to buy four more books over the next two years at regular club prices. Well today I received the third book I have purchased since signing up back in February. It is Augusten Burrough's newest book "Possible Side Effects". I'm already on the sixth chapter and so I've decided to put it down and pace myself so that I will not be brokenhearted that I've finished it already. So far I am loving this almost as much as I did Running With Scissors.

Anyway, enough of that. But I do love his books, I've read them all and can not wait until the movie based on his book Running With Scissors comes out. Which by the way the executive producer of the film is Brad Pitt, you know that guy Angelina Jolie is pregnant with...

Tonight DJ and I found an AMAZING tool. Get your head out of the gutter, not that kind of TOOL!

It is on our TV remote. The funny thing is that we have had the same TV now for almost 6 years and we just found this new little gadget on it. It is called a "Smart Picture Button" and it is just incredible. By the push of a button while watching a movie we get a completely different quality of picture. It has a movie mode, sports mode (which would never get used in this house), weak signal mode and news mode. Well when he pushed the button for movie mode...WALLA! Theater quality picture. Now we are going to have to watch all the movies in our DVD library over again with this new tool we found. I guess the reason we had not found it before now was because the button says "SMART PICTURE".

Go figure.

Wouldn't it be great to have a button like that to use on other things besides the picture on your TV screen? Like a Smart People Button, with modes for ugly people mode, to make them easier to look at, or obnoxious people mode to make them easy to deal with, or asshole people mode to just make them disappear into oblivion. I'd never leave home without it!

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