Thursday, May 25, 2006

Flashback #1: A Memorial Day

It seems like I am always trying to find something to blog about and come up short on ideas or events in my life that are interesting enough. But as I think back to some of my past escapades I can think of a lot of things to write about. So for those of you that read my blog, on every last Thursday of the month I will post a FLASHBACK . A post about something that happened or something that I did in the recent past or in the not so recent past.

With the Memorial Day holiday coming up this weekend I thought I would share a flashback to a past Memorial Day. Complete with pictures and interesting side notes.

This flashback goes back just a few years to Memorial Day, 2000 . Veruca and Silver were still together, and I had not yet met DJ. At the time I had just moved in with Veruca and Silver at their condo and we were all working for a law firm downtown. They through an impromptu grill out and invited some co-workers. KareBear was there (prior to her marriage) , her friend T came along, Jodafina was also there with her room mate at the time. I do not recall her name but she made the movie Single White Female look tame!
But the best part of the day was the guy I invited. Sad to say he was straight (albeit somewhat curious) but very cute. And again my age is showing as I can not remember his name either. But not that it matters, as I have pictures (some of which I will not post...hehehe).

I invited him down to my room to show him some pictures on my computer. (really that was my intent!) He instead wanted something a little more than just looking at pictures. It may have been due to the fact that the pictures I was wanting to show him were mostly of scantly clad men, and he really wasn't interested. But he looked at them, at least for a while. But then he pulled out some 'tobacco" and proceeded to light one up right there in my bedroom. Aha! I thought, opportunity! But unfortunately all I got was a peek. And another picture to add to my collection.

Let's just say that this Memorial Day was a little more memorable than most.

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