Friday, May 26, 2006

Storms and Debris

Storms were wrecking havoc here last night. In the area of Cincinnati where I work it was hit the worst. We had a tree completely blown down due to the extreme high winds. The entire area here had large trees cut in half and debris everywhere. One of the main roads was shut down this morning due to a tree falling across the road. It actually pulled up sidewalk and pavement.

Now where I live, which is about 20 minutes northwest of here, we had nothing but thunder and a few sprinkles. So when I got the call last night that there was damage from trees at work I was taken by surprise. The weather bureau is stating that it wasn't a tornado, but the were "tornado like" winds and damage sporadically across the area . Luckily there was no property damage to our offices, but many of the businesses in the area were not as fortunate.

So the day will be spent cleaning up the debris from the storm.
Isn't that true with storms of life?
There is always a mess to clean up afterwards.

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