Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Any Day Now

My friend Silver posted a blog entry over at his blog the other day, talking about Ticking Clocks and how time flies, or doesn't. And about Peter Pan.

Well time is flying by too quickly for me. It seems just like yesterday that I got the news that my son and his wife were to be expecting their baby. Now, it is just days away and the title of grandfather will be forever stated before my first name. She (being my daughter-in-law, "Lil-Bit) has had some light contractions off and on all weekend. The doctor is saying she could go at anytime in the next 5 to 7 days.

Speaking of time, I am sure to them it feels like the last nine months have went on forever! For me it seems like nine months ago and my son was being born. (well maybe not nine months, but the last 25 years sure has flown) So any TIME now I will be posting new baby pictures of my grandson.

I just wish he would wait just a wee bit longer, or is that the Peter Pan in me?

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Drew said...

Not to make time fly any faster...but does everyone in blogland realize that it's CONCEIVABLE that you could be a great-grandfather at age 60???