Saturday, May 27, 2006

Lack of Money Not Lack of Fun

In my blog you read of places we go and some of the sites around town, well over at my new blog (yes, I need to get a life) I will be posting pictures of the places I talk about on here so pop on over and check out Around the "Nati!

There never seems to be enough time or money to do the things that we really want to do. With DJ being laid off and just starting out on his new business, not to mention the soaring gas prices, money is tight. So instead of going away for the weekend, we opted to hang around closer to home for the holiday.

After work today, Mama D is having her annual summer kick off party. Complete with burgers, dogs, metts, brauts and of course the beautiful in ground pool. For those of us that so indulge, alcohol will also be provided. With the weather forecast saying it is going to reach the high 80's I am sure both the pool and the beer will be the hot items this year.

Tomorrow we are traveling east of Cincinnati into Hillsboro to picnic with my cousin and his family. Again, burgers, dogs, metts.... will be the main course and of course potato salad. DJ will be fixing that up today to take to share. He was up last night baking banana bread, pound cake and brownies as well. He was so in his element last night. I love watching him cook. He enjoys it so much.

Then Monday we might just hop downtown Cincinnati for a few hours and take in nation's longest running culinary arts festival, the Taste of Cincinnati. Which of course means more food to ingest.

So even though we are not heading to a quiet secluded spot miles away from home like I wanted to do for the holiday weekend, we are still looking to enjoy the first weekend of summer.

Our wallet may not be bulging, but after this weekend our mid-section will be!

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James said...

it doesn't always take loads of cash in order to enjoy the good things of life, remember that my friend!

And being from Cincinnati, I love the new blog. I miss the "Nati