Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm Not the Man I Used To Be

And that's probably a good thing...

I did something last night that I have not done in quite sometime. I went out. Out to dinner and for a few drinks. Now just a few years ago this was my daily habit. Get up, go to work, go to happy hour, get home around 11 or 12 and do it all over again. But not any more. Mainly because I don't want too, and secondly because I can not physically do it anymore. You know that AGE thing. But last night I did.

I met Veruca out for dinner and caught up on everything with him and Jewels. It was good to sit and chat and poke fun at other customers in the restaurant. Of course they were not aware of it, which makes it even more entertaining. After dinner and a couple drinks we headed to another local bar, where we immediately left. The patronage there was not very, well let's just say we didn't feel comfortable. We then headed to an old hangout where we met up with our favorite bartender, who ironically was working 12 years ago when Veruca and I first stumbled into the gay scene. We had a few drinks there, well I did, Veruca was not so inclined. Then we headed to Hamburger Mary's for a nightcap. Again we chatted and talked about our future and our goals.

We ended the night with a promise to get together more often, and to keep in contact. It was a good night and Veruca even called later to make sure I got home okay.

One thing I didn't say to Veruca was the fact of how proud I am of his accomplishments. In the 13 years that we have known one another he has come a long way. He is very successful, financially secure and continuing his education by working on his Master's degree. Knowing him, I know how much this all means to him and how secure he has become because of this. Even though sometimes I'm a wee bit jealous, I'm very proud of what he has done with his life and what he plans for his future. But with that said it is also very good to know that even though many things have changed with both of us, it's nice that some things still remain the same. Friendships are like that.

Now on the other side of that, would someone please remind me that going out on a work night, is NOT in my best interest, especially the next morning!

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