Saturday, May 13, 2006

Have You Visited Your Mom Today?

Mother's Day.

My mom will turn 68 this year and it is becoming more and more obvious to me that the woman that has always been there for me, may not always be there. Not that mom is sick, quite the opposite. She is very healthy for her age, especially when I look at DJ's grandparents who are the same age as my parents and see the state of their health. But mom is getting older. The only thing that troubles me is in the last year or two is that she is becoming forgetful. This troubles me as both her mother and grandmother suffered from alzheimer's. Mom seems to forget about phone calls from me. An example of this was today when I called her and she says;

"I haven't heard from you in a while, you doing okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine, I just talked to you on Wednesday. Don't you remember?"
"You did?...Oh that's right you did."

Or she repeats conversations that we have previously had, many times just moments before. I even talked to her about this a few months back and she became quite upset with me, but she said she would mention it to her doctor. She said she did and he told her not to worry about it, but I wonder if she told him anything.

But, back to Mother's Day. What do you give a mother for mother's day that has given so much to you? Nothing you could give them could even begin to compare. I owe my mother my life. And my sanity. (what little I have left). I have received so much from this woman. My attitude, my ability to be personable, my love of reading and old movies, my passion for music, even my political and moral views are in part due to her. Plus I look like her. Well not exactly, but you could never confuse me with some one else's son! So what do you give a mother that would mean what she really means to you? Well I think personally, yourself. My mom always says she never sees her boys anymore. So I plan to visit with her and share time with her. But I also have a gift to share. I found a picture of my mother in an old photo album. It is of her parents and her when she was just a little over a year old and my grandfather is holding her. I fixed the scratches and enlarged it, found a nice frame and that's what I'm giving her.

But I think she will enjoy the visit much more.

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Crash said...

What a lovely gift.