Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You Are What You Eat

As you can see from my post yesterday I've been doing a lot of self realization lately. I think it is due to the fact of it being rainy and overcast now for the past six days. But for whatever the reason it has been quite illuminating.

Today I was thinking about that old adage that says..."You are what you eat."

So I began to think about what I have consumed in the last few days.

Sunday: Eggs, biscuits, bacon, gravy, coffee, hamburger, hot dog, water, potato chips, mac & cheese, mt. dew, chocolate ice cream.

Monday: Coffee, danish, hamburger, fries, diet coke, water, nacho belle grande, chilito, mt. dew, water, potato chips.

Tuesday: Coffee, doughnut, water, arby's beef & cheddar, diet coke, mt. dew...

If I am what I eat, I'm junk!

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